Posted on February 8th, 2023 · Music/Events/Other

* Humor!

An archaeologist in Egypt was taking a walk in the town square one morning.

He had to get back to the hotel for a meeting but had forgotten his wristwatch.

He was walking by an old man sitting on a low stool by his camel and asked if he knew the time.

The old man slowly reached over and pushed the camel’s testicles to one side and then released them, letting them swing to a stop.

“10:27” he said.

The archaeologist was stunned as he had never seen someone tell time like that before.

He rushed back to the hotel to find his colleagues and then brought them back to the town square to find the old man.

Having found him again, the archaeologist said, “I will give you this $50 bill if you’ll show me how you tell time.

The old man pocketed the $50 bill and said, “OK, kneel down here with me and put your head close to mine. Now swing the camel’s testicles out of the way. Now, can you see the clock on that building over there?”

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