The Boomers Club Proudly Presents- Peter Lemongello Jr./ Sunday, January 22nd, 2023 @ Palm Chase Lakes (Boynton Beach)

Posted on January 21st, 2023 · Boynton Beach Music/Events/Other

Originally posted on December 12th, 2022.

* The Boomers Club Proudly Presents- Peter Lemongello Jr.

Got something terrific for you 50’s-60’s-70’s Doo Wop/Rock N Roll guys to checkout…

Tickets Just Went On Sale and I’m telling you – that this “kid” Peter Lemongello Jr. will absolutely blow you away!

Just so you know, this is a General Admission Seat deal- Lemongello Jr. is going to be backed by a 5 piece band and the bet here is that his dad, legendary 70’s singer Peter Lemongello will be at Palm Chase Lakes and will do more than just wave-hello to the crowd!

Just a taste and some background info…

Peter Lemongello Jr.

PETER JR. has appeared on American Idol and the PBS My Music Special “Doo Wop Generations”. He also appeared in person with the world famous Four Tops at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City. He has sung lead with the Crests, and shared stages with The Temptations, Chubby Checker, Lloyd Price, and several groups that are inductees in “The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame”.
His famous father, PETER LEMONGELLO was the first to sell over one million albums on television which started a new era in music videos (MTV & INFER-MERCIALS). He appeared over 25 times on The Johnny Carson Tonight Show, Merv Griffin, Mike Douglas, Saturday Night Live, The Dinah Shore Show, and The NBC Today Show.

17 Comments to “The Boomers Club Proudly Presents- Peter Lemongello Jr./ Sunday, January 22nd, 2023 @ Palm Chase Lakes (Boynton Beach)”

  1. LHY says...

    My friends and I recently saw his show at Kings Point Delray and it was terrific. In addition to his outstanding singing he also is quite a dancer.

    • Robin Carter says...

      Like you I also saw him at Kings Point. He was really good.
      Personally, I think that he over does it a bit with all the fancy dancing, but that’s just me!

      • Artie Diamond says...

        I caught his show at Kings Point and I really enjoyed his singing and the band that was behind him did a great job. On the dancing, he sure worked hard with all of the steps, spins, hoofing and splits, but I also thought there was way too much dancing. As a recommendation, he should watch Bobby Brooks Wilson (Jackie Wilson’s son) who has appeared at Kings Point a few times and try to style his dancing as Bobby does it. Smooth, stylish and just the right amount to accent the songs. Peter is a young performer and the potential is definitely there, just needs a bit of seasoning to-get the right balance of vocals and dance moves.

        All and all I really enjoyed the show and highly recommend that everyone should go see him!

      • Lou E says...

        I saw him when he auditioned for American Idol.
        He didn’t get through the audition but I thought that that he had a really good voice.
        IMHO I think that the dancing he did during his audition and his telling the judges that he was friends with The Four Tops etc did him in far as going further on the show. The 3 judges played along with him for a time, but from the way they were handling him, I just knew that they weren’t putting him through. Just an opinion, but he was bragging about how he was friends with these legendary performers. What he has to learn is that the appearances with The Four Tops and meetings etc are based on his father’s 70’s fame. And that when these legendary performers meet him and sometimes let him perform a bit with them is because of his father, and not because of anything that he has really ever accomplished on his own.

        From what I’ve seen on tv and video I think that he can really be successful on his own. He just has to learn not to come off too cocky.

        I’m going to catch his show on the 22nd..

  2. Saw him a week ago on the with The Duprees and The Crystals and he put on quite a show.

    Don’t miss him.

  3. JTE says...


    He’s got a good voice and he’s singing MY generations’ music. He will do very well down here in Florida.

    I haven’t seen his live act, but the You Tube videos give me a pretty good idea as to what his show is all about.

    As I said before, he should do very well here in Florida.

    If you check, every live video has him spinning while singing. Look at the 2 videos you’ve posted. The spinning is there. I get it, he’s got the vocal chops, but he has to learn that he is a singer who can also dance, not a dancer who can also sing. I am 76 years old and have seen countless doo wop groups and other Rock n’ Roll acts and I know when performers should dance and not dance and jr has to learn that he is a much much much better singer than a dancer.

    My wife and I are planning on seeing his upcoming show and watching this talented young man in action.

    Thanks for the heads up on this local show being scheduled.

  4. Heard of his father, never heard of this kid until I read your 2 stories about him.

    Loved your attached videos and the ones on his site and You Tube etc were awesome.

    This guy can really sing and dance.

    His live show looks amazing.

    Not sure if I can make this upcoming show, but I am deinitely going to make it my business to get to one of his shows in the near future.

  5. CCH says...

    Showing Peter Lemongello Jr. to our entertainment committee here in Citrus Hills. Looks like the perfect act for our crowd.

    You know that we’re always looking for new fresh acts that haven’t been over exposed here in Florida.

    I’ve got his website, so I’ll be following him.

    By the way, I see that The Bronx Wanderers have a ton of Florida 2023 shows booked. That was some home-run call for you back in 2008.

    Let’s do it again.


  6. Ellen G says...

    I love his voice.

    Looking forward to seeing his show.

  7. Marty Cramer says...

    There are 3 guys who are going to battle it out for the market.
    Kid Kyle, Peter Lemongello Jr and Chris Ruggiero. They are all give or take a few years about the same age. Good looking performers. They all sing the 50s and 60s music. It will be interesting as to how this all shakes itself out.

    By the way, I really enjoy all three.

  8. Sandy Robinson says...

    He puts on a great show.

  9. Jeff,
    Peter Jr. puts on a great show.
    My husband and i saw him a few weeks ago at Kings Point In Delray Beach and he was very entertaining.

  10. Like many others here I saw the Kings Point show which was terrific. Don’t miss It!

  11. Doris Katz says...

    Saw Peter jr a few weeks ago at Kings Point and he really put on high energy show.

  12. Ted Stewart says...

    Saw the show earlier this evening and loved every minute of it.

  13. Rose Greenberg says...

    Loved the show.
    Over 90 minutes non stop hits of the 50s-70s.
    Great 6 piece Bobby Nathan led backup band.
    Peter Sr did a couple of songs.

    Don’t miss Peter jr. he puts on a great show.

  14. SELTZER says...

    The show was terrific.

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