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Trader Joe’s Chocolate Milk (Trader Joe’s- Boca Raton)

Posted on January 18th, 2023 · American Boca Raton Breakfast Desserts Fast Food

***** Trader Joe’s Chocolate Milk.

When was the last time that you guys drank a glass of Chocolate Milk? In my case, now I’m just guessing here, sometime in 1959!

Simple tale to tell, yesterday, while roaming the aisles of Trader Joe’s, 855 South Federal Highway, Boca Raton, Florida 33432, (561) 338-5031 I spotted Trader Joe’s Chocolate Milk ($3.99/64 Fl Oz) and did an impulse buy!

Absolutely delicious!

Like I said 3- seconds ago, a simple tale!

You guys can check traderjoes,com for product info/locations.

9 Comments to “Trader Joe’s Chocolate Milk (Trader Joe’s- Boca Raton)”

  1. Mike Rosen says...

    You mean to tell me that since 1959 you’ve never had a Yoo-hoo Chocolate?

    • Jeff Eats says...

      Mike Rosen,

      Just had a chance to read your comment.

      To answer your question, of course I’ve had a load of Yoo-hoos since 1959.

      Do some research, Yoo-hoo is classified as a chocolate drink, not a chocolate milk.

      Thanks for reading…

      Jeff Eats

      • Mike Rosen says...

        Right you are, Yoo-hoo isn’t considered milk.

      • Ken Martin says...

        I never knew that Yoo–hoo wasn’t chocolate milk.

        Like you I haven’t had a glass of ice cold chocolate milk in God only knows in how many years.

        I’m going to take a shot and give Trader Joe’s chocolate milk a try.

        By the way, as a kid I loved Bosco Chocolate Syrup in my milk.

        • Anna Costello says...

          Ive been using Bosco forever.

  2. Ed Krause says...

    I hate to admit but at the age of 59 I love a glass of cold chocolate milk with oatmeal cookies. I use Nesquik Chocolate Syrup in my milk. Going to try Trader Joe’s chocolate milk.

  3. Irene T says...

    For something like 40 years I’d been splitting my chocolate milk habit between Bosco and Nesquik. Then a few years ago I ‘discovered’ Trader Joe’s chocolate milk and it became my drink of choice.

    For those who may laugh at us adult chocolate milk drinkers, I challenge you to drink a cold glass of Trader Joe’s c/m along with a 1/2 dozen Oreo cookies and legitimately tell me that the combo isn’t phenomenal.

  4. Ed Lowell says...

    Bought it. Liked it. Would rather drink Yoo-hoo.

  5. Larry says...

    Fox’s U-Bet has been my go-to chocolate syrup my entire life. No other chocolate milk compares in my opinion.

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