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Luke’s New York Bagel Shop (Gainesville)

Posted on January 13th, 2023 · American Breakfast Delicatessen Fast Food

***** Luke’s New York Bagel Shop, 620 South Main Street, Gainesville, Florida 32601, (732-278-9557).

Got an absolutely terrific bagel joint for you guys to check-out, Luke’s New York Bagel Shop in Gainesville.

Real simple tale, yesterday- Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats “discovered” Luke’s New York Bagel Shop and I gotta tell you, off the chart delicious bagels. Simple concept, order/pickup at outside window, no seating, bagels/ breakfast & deli bagel sandwiches/ cream cheese menu, open Tuesday-Sunday 7am-1pm/ closed Monday.

Let’s wrap-up Luke’s New York Bagel Shop by saying- that its bagels/ bagel sandwiches/ cream cheeses are right up there with the best in Florida!

This joint is an absolute must try!

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    The bagels are huge. Take it from this former Queens, NY boy (lived there for 46 years) that this joint’s bagels can easily match up with NYC’s best bagels. Same goes for its breakfast bagels, deli bagels and cream cheeses.

    Absolutely nothing fancy going on at Luke’s. You get on line and hope that it hasn’t already run out of your favorite bagel(s).

  2. Susan Wechsler says...

    Luke’s bagels are amazing. Right up there with the best that I’ve eaten anywhere.

    Price wise, on the expensive side.

  3. Laycee Stone says...

    They make the best bagels in Florida.
    The lines to buy on the weekend are LONG.

    If you’re into NY BAGELS, you will love Luke’s.

  4. Take it from this former New Yorker, Luke’s Bagels are as good as any bagel that you’ll find in the 5 Boros.

    I know that’s a big statement, but having lived in Brooklyn/Manhattan for a combined 40 years and having frequented literally tons of bagel stores in both boroughs I think I’m qualified to make that call.

  5. Jennifer Rosen says...


    I am a huge fan of Luke’s bagels. Imho, definitely the best bagels in Florida.

    The one gigantic problem with Luke’s is that its quaint stand in line for bagels concept doesn’t work on the weekends. The line is beyond long .
    Its time for Luke’s to update the system and bake more bagels and have a set up that can quickly serve people.

  6. Marvin Aaronson says...

    Ive been hearing about Luke’s for a number of months. Jeff, your story got me off my ass and i gave it a try last Friday morning. Good call, my friend. Definitely some of best Asiago and ET bagels Ive had in a very very very long time. Thanks for the push!

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