Posted on January 2nd, 2023 · Music/Events/Other


A kangaroo walked into a movie theater. Wanting to avoid paying a high price for popcorn at the concession stand, she hid a bucket of popcorn in her pouch and tried to smuggle it in.

When the kangaroo went up to the ticket booth, the theater employee looked at the kangaroo’s pouch and said, “Ma’am, are you carrying in any outside food or drink?”

The kangaroo replied, “No, this isn’t popcorn in my pouch. It’s my child.”

The employee said, “Really? Okay. Come on in.”

A man who was in line behind the kangaroo then went up to the booth to buy a ticket, carrying a bucket of popcorn.

The employee said to him, “No outside food or drink is allowed in here! If you want a bucket of popcorn, you’ll have to buy it at the concession stand for $10.”

The man said, “But that’s not fair! You let the kangaroo come into the theater, and she was carrying a bucket of popcorn in her pouch pretending that it was her child!”

The employee replied, “Yes, but the kangaroo paid an extra $15 for her child’s ticket.”

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