Hilary’s Restaurant & Royal Deli (Royal Palm Beach)

***** Hilary’s Restaurant & Royal Deli, 650 Royal Palm Beach Boulevard, Royal Palm Beach, Florida 33411,(561) 790-7301.

A recent e-mail received by Jeff Eats:

Dear Jeff,

My husband and I are recent (181 days ago) transplants from Manhattan to Royal Palm Beach and we are desperate for a good pastrami on rye. We’ve tried a number of South Florida bagel joints, kosher delis and various sandwich shops and to be honest “not good”.

Not expecting to find stuff like we were raised on like Katz’s, Carnegie, Sarge’s, Stage, 2nd Avenue and Lindy’s- but something “almost close”- would work for us!

Location wise…The closer the better to our Royal Beach condo, but we will definitely travel to fress!

Jan Martin


Jan Martin,

First things first- welcome to Florida!

Now, of course you do know that you’ve named some of the greatest pastrami on rye players of all-time!

Keeping the above in mind, checkout, Hilary’s Restaurant & Royal Deli, 650 Royal Palm Beach Boulevard, Royal Palm Beach, Florida 33411, (561) 790-7301.

For future reference, Hilary’s Restaurant & Royal Deli is open 7 days a week 7am-3pm and its reasonabaly priced menu is loaded with breakfast stuff/ hot and cold sandwiches/ burgers/ salads/ entrees/ desserts.

Looking forward to your thoughts on Hilary’s pastrami on rye!

Jeff Eats

9 Comments to “Hilary’s Restaurant & Royal Deli (Royal Palm Beach)”

  1. Lenny Carson says...

    One of your best recommendations ever.

    This is a great NY style diner.

    As for its pastrami, totally awesome!

  2. Donna Rosen says...


    Welcome to Florida.

    My family has been eating at Hilary’s for years.

    As Jeff noted, its menu is packed with breakfast choices etc.

    As for the pastrami, delicious. I’ve eaten in all of delis that you listed and personally I think that Hilary’s pastrami can hold its own against them all!
    Donna Rosen

  3. Ezra Tepper says...

    Amazing pastrami, same goes for its corned beef.

    Take it from this born and bred Brooklynite (lived in Brooklyn from 1951 to 2011) this joint’s pastrami is as good if not better than Katz’s pastrami and the others that you mentioned.

  4. Stanley Rothman says...

    I’ve been living in South Florida for over 39 years. I lived in Manhattan for 38 years.
    I have eaten in countless delis here in Florida and in the 5 Boros.

    Personally, I would rate Hilary’s pastrami and corned beef right up there with the best that I’ve had.

    I like my pastrami and corned beef on the fatty side. In my mind, the fat adds more flavor to the meat. Can’t stand lean corned beef.

    Hilary’s Reuben (corned beef) and Rachel (Pastrami) sandwiches are both awesome.

  5. TURNER says...

    It’s a tossup as to which is more delicious, its pastrami or its corned beef.

  6. For the record, I think that Katz’s pastrami is lousy.

    If my memory serves me correctly, I think that the best pastrami sandwiches that Ive had in Florida over the past 35 years were at the Pomperdale in Fort Lauderdale, Zingers in Boca Raton and Pastrami Dan’s in Naples. Just for the record, since Zinger’s changed owners a couple of years ago, the food has declined and no longer serves outstanding food.

    I have never been to Hilary’s. As a matter of fact, until this morning I’d never even heard of the joint.

    What I do know, is that all in all, Jeff and I seem to have very similar tastes in food. For sure, we have our differences, but most of the time our tastes click.

    Based on Jeff’s story, I’m going to give Hilary’s a shot.

    • My wife and I ate lunch there yesterday and its pastrami and corned beef sandwiches were terrific. Same call for its french fries and matzah ball soup.

      It was a jump ball on pastrami v corned beef, real close but we both gave the pastrami the nod.

  7. Danny Seltzer says...



    Posted on March 20th, 2020

    Where Can A Guy Get A Delicious NY Kosher or Kosher Style- Pastrami Sandwich In Florida?

  8. Jan Martin says...

    This wasn’t a good recommendation! It was a great recommendation!

    My husband and I got to Hilary’s a few days ago and we ordered a pastrami on rye and a corned beef on rye and both sandwiches were delicious.

    Both of us agreed that these sandwiches could easily compete with the sandwiches we grew up on and enjoyed in NY.

    Thanks for taking the time to answer my comment!

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