Il Gabbiano (Miami)

Posted on November 26th, 2022 · Italian Miami

Il Gabbiano, 335 South Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, Florida 33131, (305) 373-0053.

Real short and simple tale to tell…over the years, I’ve been hearing about Italian restaurant Il Gabbiano in Miami. A countless number of people told me that Il Gabbiano was one of the best upscale Italian restaurants in Florida, not to mention, America! That said, last night Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats ate at Il Gabbiano and I gotta tell you guys- that right off the top of my head, I can name at least 25 “mom & pop” red sauce Italian joints (located within a 30 minute drive from Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats’ Boca Raton abode) that- have better food/ service/ prices, larger portions and don’t take themselves too seriously!

Now, you know and I know that this food reviewing gig- is purely a subjective call- you know, what I like, you may hate and vice versa- but I gotta rate this joint as an absolute “tourist trap” that’s serving-up overpriced just passable food, with a uniformed wait-staff that hasn’t got a clue as to what top-notch service is all about – and except for maybe 1-or-2…can speak Italian and actually know that Italy is a country!

Look, I could go on and on, as to why this restaurant isn’t “for me”…

For you guys who like to checkout things on your own- Ilgabbianomiacom for menu/prices/info.

Il Gabbiano is open Monday-Thursday noon-11:30pm/ Friday noon-12am/ Saturday 3pm-12am, closed Sunday.

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  1. Frank Lek says...

    There’s a sucker born every minute.

    Thats’ what this joint is counting on!

  2. Andy Gold says...

    Perfect call on this one.
    This joint is what we call Big Hat No Cattle. It is a second rate over priced restaurant that only a tourist who never saw a boat or a palm tree would appreciate.

  3. JHB says...


    ALL I know is the one time I ate there this big so called fancy restaurant brought me a Coke in a can and left the can on the table. Also the chicken parm and penne ala vodka I had weren’t the best.

    You are right, this joint is for tourists.

  4. Steven Muir says...

    Food is shit and over priced. Don’t waste your time. Unless you have never had good Italian food it’s very hard to appreciate the very average crap that’s served at astronomical prices.

  5. Ken M says...

    Ive eaten there 3x. Let me add, with business associates.

    The restaurant is great looking and its outdoor dining patio allows you to see up close all over the huge boats that pass by.

    The food is decent, but far from amazing. Like you, I can name tons of local s Florida joints that serve better food.

    On the staff, you are correct, it would be hard to find one or two who can actually speak Italian. Their uniforms and bowties are just part of the game that’s being played. Service isn’t the best and at times quite haphazard confused.

    Pricing is on the high side.

    I agree with you, tourists enjoy the package.

  6. TURNER says...

    You are spot on with your call on this restaurant, that being, that its for tourists!

    For years I heard the Il Mulino Gabbiano story and a couple of years ago pre-covid my wife and I gave Gabbiano a shot.

    Uniformed waiters, overpriced far from terrific food and an atmosphere ofa crowd, that this joint was something special.

    Leave this joint to the out of towners, and the birthday and anniversary celebrating crowd.

  7. Helen Moran says...

    I have a number of close friends and immediate family who swear by this restaurant. As a result over the years, I’ve eaten there 6 times.

    To be perfectly honest with you, personally I think that this restaurant is mediocre at best. For sure its decor is attractive and its outdoor patio is a great area to dine and watch the boats etc pass by.

    When it comes to the food, nothing special and definitely overpriced. The cast of characters serving the food most probably don’t even know that Italy is a country.

    As you always say, food reviewing is nothing mor than a subjective call, but like you, I can name a load of South Florida Mom & Pop joints that run circles around Il Gabbiano.

  8. Ben Costello says...

    I will tell you that when a joint gets $33 for chicken parm and a side of pasta is $16 I’m not a fan.

  9. Susan T says...

    My husband and I have eaten there a number of times and have always found the food to be delicious and the service just right. You are correct that its not a cheap night out. Your also correct that most of the staff probably has no idea Italy is a country, but they do try.

  10. Manny G says...

    It is what it is, a fancy schmancy Italian joint that plays that it is serving very special food.
    Like you, I wasn’t impressed when i ate there several years ago nor was my wife. We never went back.

    For sure there are a ton of mom &pop Southern Italian joints in Miami etc that charge way less and serve much better food. Like I just said, we ate ate there once and never went back.

    Let the tourists and birthday/anniversary crowd enjoy themselves, but rest assured that most of Jeff Eats’ readers who have eaten there know what’s what with this restaurant.

  11. STEVE A says...

    I’ve known the I’ll mulino connection story for years. .A few months before covid rolled in, i ate at IL gabianno with some buddies before a heat game and the 3 of us all agreed that we had gotten rolled. Crappy over priced food served by a bunch of clowns.


  12. Roy Colby says...

    Ate there a number of years ago.

    One time was more than enough.

    Over priced food that was mediocre at best.

    Good call on this one.

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