Posted on November 3rd, 2022 · Music/Events/Other

* Humor!

A gorilla strolled into a bar and asked for a drink. The bartender and all the other customers were taken aback by the gorilla’s ability to order a drink. Looking side to side, the bartender wondered if he was the only one who found it strange that the large animal had just entered his bar.

Without much thought, the gorilla leaned forward and asked the bartender to bring him a martini. The bartender’s jaw almost hung on the ground when he heard the gorilla order a drink.

The bartender shrugged his shoulders and decided that he would make the animal the drink that he requested without asking too many questions.

He made the martini, shaken, not stirred just as the gorilla had requested, and placed it in front of him at the bar. The gorilla pinched the thin stem of the glass and lifted it to his lips, taking a tiny sip. He said:

“Hmmm, this is great, man!”

Before the bartender turned around to attend to the other customers, the gorilla pulled out a $50 bill and slid it to the bartender across the bar.

Genuinely surprised, the bartender took the cash, thinking to himself that not only does the gorilla order and drink martinis, but he also pays for it. But, of course, this was the last thing he expected would happen during his shift.

As the bartender walked over to the cash register, he thought he would try something to see how far the gorilla’s intelligence really stretched.

He grabbed the change from the register and even wrote out a bill for the animal before walking back over to where he was seated. Then he gave him the change, and looked to see how he would respond.

The bartender decided to make small talk with the animal, saying he was happy to see him in the bar because they didn’t see gorillas regularly. The gorilla looked up and said:

“That doesn’t surprise me seeing that you charge $47 for a martini.”

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