Win A $25 Nick’s Pizza Gift Card (Deerfield Beach)

Posted on September 29th, 2022 · Contests Deals Deerfield Beach Italian Pizza Subs/Salads

This contest started on 9/27/22. This contest has a winner.

* Win A $25 Nick’s Pizza Gift Card.

Jeff Eats got a $25 Nick’s Pizza Gift Card to give to one of you guys!

The game- the first 25 “reader-comments” received – will be entered in a “blind hat pick”! You can submit as many comments as you’d like but- Please, only 1- reader comment – per day…play fair!

The gift card is good at, Nick’s Pizza, 137 Northeast 2nd Avenue, Deerfield Beach, Florida 33441, (954) 698-0333.

You can check menu/prices at

Posted on October 21st, 2018.

***** DISH OF THE WEEK (Sunday-10/21/18- Nick’s Pizza).

One of Jeff Eats’ favorite menu items…


Nick’s Pizza
137 Northeast 2nd Avenue
Deerfield Beach
(954) 698-0333
Latest Review: 1/31/17

Trust Jeff Eats when I tell you- if you like mom & pop red sauce Italian joints, you’ll love Nick’s Pizza!

Posted on January 31st, 2017

***** Nick’s Pizza, 137 Northeast 2nd Avenue, Deerfield Beach, Florida 33441, (954) 698-0333.

Got a real good mom & pop red sauce Italian joint for you guys, Nick’s Pizza in Deerfield Beach.

Now you guys and Jeff Eats both know that mom & pop red sauce Italian joints are literally a dime a dozen down here in sunny Florida- and for that matter- everywhere else in the good old USA! We also know, that some are good, some are real good, some are fair and some are straight-out lousy…well Nick’s Pizza is one of the real good ones!

Long story short, yesterday Jeff Eats, Mrs. Jeff Eats, Daughter Jeff Eats and Son Jeff Eats did lunch at Nick’s and other than for a small dose of “family related drama” the 2 pizza slices/2 salads/1 cheese calzone/1 chicken parm sub/1 veal parm sub- meal went off without a hitch!

If you’re into mom & pop red sauce Italian joints- Jeff Eats can’t see you guys-not liking Nick’s Pizza which is open Monday-Friday 11am-10pm, Saturday-Sunday noon-10pm.

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  1. Cody T says...

    i definitely want to try this joint.

  2. Ira Cohen says...

    please pick me.

  3. Make me a winner.

  4. Keith Vinton says...

    Make it happen for me.

  5. Ive eaten there many times. Its food is delicious.

  6. Tom Nixon says...

    Hope I win.

  7. Andy B says...

    I want to win.

  8. Marty Fleming says...

    Make me a winner.

  9. Harry Barton says...

    Please pick me.

  10. COSTELLO says...

    Make it happen.

  11. Lou Esposito says...

    Pick me.

  12. TURNER says...

    Time to win.

  13. Sherry Greer says...

    Love its food.

  14. They make really delicious pizza.

  15. Please pick me.

  16. Ken Diamond says...

    Please pick me.

  17. Lenny Gross says...

    I need a win here.

  18. William Chu says...

    Make me a winner.

  19. Vinny W says...

    I want to win.

  20. Joe Kennedy says...

    Pick me.

  21. I want to win.

  22. I want to win.

  23. Ronnie Whitman says...

    I want this gift card.

  24. I need a win.

  25. Laura Vici says...

    Love its food.

  26. Ivy Marcus says...

    i want to win.

  27. Keith Vinton says...

    Thanks for the gift card.

  28. Marlene Fuentes says...

    Sorry i missed out on playing this game.

    Ive eaten here many times and the food has always been delicious.

    Give it a try!

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