Want To See A Dumb Business Idea?

Posted on September 6th, 2022 · Music/Events/Other

* Want To See a Dumb Business Idea?

The video below!
I’ll take all and any bets that this Business Idea is doomed to failure!


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  1. Lo Lo says...

    Can’t believe that Target’s executives actually believe that this concept will work.

    Reminds me years ago of Hair Color Express franchise business that for something like 10 bucks, woman could go to a salon, push a button and pick a color in a machine and then a colorist put it on your head. I can’t recall recently seeing a Hair Color Express store, have you?

    • Lester G says...

      Name was changed. IMHO not a very successful franchise operation.

      HairColorXperts (HCX) was founded by salon owners Pasquale Benasillo and Chenzo Balsamo, and franchising veteran Lawrence Feldman, HCX salons offer hair-coloring services exclusively. Targeting clients who ordinarily color their own hair, HCX’s color treatments start at $20. haircolorxperts colorists have received advanced training in all aspects of hair color making them efficient in offering any service from in-depth color consultation, to highlights, to complex color corrections. They provide customers with a look that complements their lifestyle and enhances their skin tones. HCX also does designer cuts and styles too.

  2. Anthony Franza says...

    Call this a dumb idea is being kind.

    Now I’m not trying to be insulting, but can you imagine getting a Target or Walmart employee to help you operate a gadget like this?

    Beyond Dumb IDEA!

  3. Roy Colby says...

    I am laughing so hard that i don’t even know what to say, other than this machine is beyond dumb.

    JUST imagine what’s going to happen when this machine malfunctions and that poor employee has to wipe up polish that’s all over the customer and everything near the machine.

  4. Ellen G says...

    Anybody who would bet that this business will work is making a sucker’s bet.

    People don’t go to Target or for that matter Walmart to get manicures.

    The idea is so stupid and has so many negatives as to why it wont work, that it would take hours to cover them all.

  5. Beatrice Wright says...

    I give this Business absolutely no chance to catch on.

    Women enjoy going for manicures and pedicures.

    This do yourself device is nonsensical.

  6. Laura Rosen says...


    It won’t work, too many technical possible problems. Plus, I seriously doubt women will go for this service.

    That said, TARGET sure is getting a ton of NEWS COVERAGE with this robot story!

    Maybe the executives aren’t as dumb as they appear to be!

  7. William Chu says...

    TARGET is too smart to even think that this is a money making proposition.
    Got to be a PR STUNT.

  8. Rose Harrison says...

    Can’t see this thing working out!

    Too much can go wrong.

    In addition, I cant see women running to Target to use this service.

    The whole concept is pretty schlocky if you ask me!

  9. Jeff,
    No question in my mind, this is a business idea that is doomed to failure!

    Just a quick compliment, once again, Jeff Eats has gotten his following having a grand old time discussing things on his site.


    Jamie Carter

  10. Nina Castro says...

    I dont care where you put this machine, the business will never amount to anything.

    Think of it this way, would you rather buy a pizza from a vending machine or buy a fresh hot pizza from a pizza joint? Throw in that the cost is basically the same and the fact that there is literally a pizza joint on every block and you now know why this ROBOT is doomed!

  11. Joe Kennedy says...

    This business idea is as dumb as it comes.

    Maybe a few people will give it a try to just see what its all about, but as a long lasting business, not a chance in hell.

  12. Jane Calhoun says...

    This has to be a Publicity Stunt!

  13. Jeff,
    I’d bet that the executives at Target know that this is a bs business and that the whole thing is a big pr stunt.

    If on the other hand the executives actually think that is a viable business, I’m shorting Target’s common stock first thing tomorrow morning.

  14. As someone else has already posted,
    Calling this idea dumb, would be kind!

  15. Viola Melendez says...

    I can’t see this business, doing any business.
    Stupid idea.

  16. Perry White says...

    This is a disaster just waiting to happen.

    If I’m watching this video correctly, there will be an employee sitting around just waiting to help a customer with a problem with the polish.


    This is freaking TARGET. There is no way, that TARGET is going to get a customer help really fast. Throw, in that fact that this employee isnt a licensed manicurist, just think of all the messes that will coming down the pike.

    I’d rather buy a the Brooklyn Bridge from street huckster than bet on this business concept.

  17. TARGET executives can’t be this stupid, or can they?

  18. Jake Lewis says...

    No way this business works.

  19. Howard M says...

    This one is beyond dumb.

  20. I have been a Target fan forever.

    I think I know the ins and outs of shopping at Target and I think that this nail polish machine will be a gigantic fiasco.

  21. Peter C says...

    Boy, oh boy, this is a dumb idea!

  22. Betty Romano says...

    This business is beyond dumb?

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