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My old friend and former Mystic- Mike Miller just sent me the following e-mail:


The 2-set CDs that I produced, “Little Anthony and The Music” have arrived and will be going out tomorrow for those who have pre ordered. They came out beautifully and sound great. This is the musical story of Little Anthony’s life narrated by Anthony. 40 selections. An entire afternoon of entertainment with some new cuts and the Single New York State of Mind has been placed in Nomination by The Grammy Committee. It is on the Ballot for New Pop Single.

Jeff Eats’ readers who want to order:

Fans of Little Anthony need to own this double Album!

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  1. Anna Fetterman says...

    Little Anthony is an amazing performer.
    He had loads of hits and to this very day puts on a great live show.
    My favorite hit “Two People In The World”.

  2. Lois Carson says...

    Off the top of my head I can name these hits,

    Tears On My Pillow
    Shimmy Shimmy KO KO Bop
    I’m On The Outside
    Hurt So Bad
    Goin’ Out Of My Head
    Two People in the World
    Take Me Back

    • Toby Warren says...

      Every listed song was great, but my favorite is
      I’m On The Outside.

    • Josh Tanger says...

      TEARS ON MY PILLOW is my favorite Little Anthony hit.

    • Caycee H says...

      I love every one of these songs.

    • Marty B says...

      Anthony had some of the biggest hits of all time.

      For me, the best one is Tears On My Pillow.

  3. Larry Fine says...

    I love every hit he had.
    My favorite is Two People In The World.

  4. In my book, hands down, best song is Hurt So Bad.

  5. Fred Gross says...

    Tears On My Pillow is my favorite.

  6. Best of the best, Tears On My Pillow.

  7. Frank Lek says...

    GREAT HITS!!!!

    I’M ON THE OUTSIDE with Little Anthony on lead backed by The Imperials is my favorite.

  8. Mary Vaccaro says...

    I love,
    I’m On The Outside

  9. Susan Carter says...

    I am ordering this cd set.
    Thanks for the heads up.
    By the way, Goin’ Out Of My Head is my favorite Littel Anthony record.

  10. Let me put my 2 cents for TAKE ME BACK as my favorite Anthony hit.

  11. Ken Mattera says...

    I love Anthony.
    My favorite song is
    Two People In the World

    Looking forward to getting these cds.

  12. Little Anthony & The Imperials was/is one of the great singing groups of all time.
    A list of the group’s hits speaks for itself.
    In all honesty, can’t quite figure out why the group recorded Shimmy Shimmy KO KO Bop as it doesn’t fit the “style” of all its other songs. That said, I still enjoy the song but it’s not in the league of all of the group’s other hits!

  13. Don Vicente says...

    My favorite Little Anthony song is,

  14. Heather Katz says...

    Is Little Anthony & The Imperials in the Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame?

  15. I’m in for Tears On My Pillow as the best of the hits. They are all great, but that song is my favorite.

  16. My favorite Anthony hit, Tears on My Pillow.

  17. Diane Klein says...

    Come on folks,
    Best song.
    Goin’ Out Of My Head.

  18. Bob Eisen says...

    Two People In The World is my favorite.

  19. Mike Sumner says...

    All of Little Anthony’s hits are great.

    If I was forced to pick just one, Two People In The World is the best. I just love Anthony on lead and the harmony that the Imperials brought to the song.
    Check out this version.

  20. Tears On My Pillow imho was the groups best song.

  21. Rhonda Gellman says...

    I love Hurt So Bad.

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