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Jonny Pops Frozen Fruit & Cream Bars

Posted on August 5th, 2022 · American Desserts Fast Food

***** Jonny Pops Frozen Fruit & Cream Bars.

A couple of months ago I came across Jonny Pops Frozen Fruit & Cream Bars while “walking” around a Publix in Delray Beach.

Suffice it to say, Jonny Pops hooked me! So far, I’ve tried 7 of its 11 (5 fruit, 3 cream and 3 dipped) flavors – and they were all delicious!


“Developed by four Minnesota college students, our natural pops have wholesome ingredients like fruit, real cream and cane sugar. You deserve something better than a sweetened, colored ice cube, which is why JonnyPops are delightfully smooth and creamy and contain no artificial anything. They’re simply delicious.”

Go do some homework on Jonny Pops ( trust Jeff Eats on this one, these pops absolutely kill!

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3 Comments to “Jonny Pops Frozen Fruit & Cream Bars”

  1. Ellen G says...

    I recently bought a package of their watermelon flavored pops and it was like eating frozen fresh watermelon juice. Very delicious and very refreshing.

    • Barbara Ross says...

      I love the watermelon pop.
      It’s got something like 50 calories and is frozen watermelon juice.

  2. Gary Liston says...

    delicious ice pops.
    Question, every pop stick has some kind of “words of wisdom” saying imprinted on them. Is this Jonny part of some cult religion or group?

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