Ah-Beetz New Haven Pizza (Delray Beach)

Posted on August 1st, 2022 · Delray Beach Italian Pizza Subs/Salads

***** Ah-Beetz New Haven Pizza, 15200 South Jog Road, Unit A3, Delray Beach, Florida 33446, (561) 908-2466.

Got an absolutely dynamite coal fired pizza joint for you guys to checkout, Ah-Beetz New Haven Pizza in Delray Beach.

Real simple tale to tell, last week Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats “discovered” (1 eat-in/ 1- takeout) Ah-Beetz New Haven Pizza (which opened something like 3 months ago) and its food totally- blew us away! The no-frills joint has 2- tables (for 4) inside and a handful of tables outside. Reasonably priced pizzas/ calzones/ salads/ wings menu.

Now, you guys know, or should know by know- that this food reviewing “gig” is purely a subjective call…what I like, you may hate and vice versa!

With that in mind, I gotta tell you that the coal oven-pizzas/ calzone/ chicken wings, salads that we ordered- rank right-up there with the best that we’ve eaten here in Florida!

Trust Jeff Eats when I tell you, Ah-Beetz New Haven Pizza is an absolute must try joint!

You guys can check menu/prices/info at

Ah-Beetz New Haven Pizza is open Tuesday-Saturday 11am-9pm/ Sunday 1pm-8pm, closed on Monday.

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  1. Don H says...

    AH-BEETZ is backed by Nick who use to be one of the owners of Nick’s Coal Fired Pizza which is in Boca Raton.

    A few weeks ago my wife and I ate at AH-BEETZ and thought that its pizza was phenomenal. We would rate it the best coal fired pizza in Florida. Actually, it’s the best that we have ever eaten anywhere.

    Nothing fancy going on there, but the food is fabulous.

  2. Tony Santacroce says...

    I have eaten many times in both Sally’s and Pepe’s which are world famous coal oven pizza joints in New haven and I have to tell you that Ah-Beetz’s pizza is as good as their pizzas are.

    Not sure why, but the pizza at Ah-Betz is better than the pizza at Nick’s in Boca Raton.

  3. Myron Boothe says...

    Check out this video, the guy is trying to be like Dave Portnoy who does ONE BITE PIZZA.

    He has a nice review on Ah-Beetz.

    • Joe Kennedy says...

      The guy is definitely a Dave Portnoy wannabe.
      Anyway, he has a perfect call on the pizza.
      It is delicious.

  4. Louise Messinger (Delray. Beach, Florida) says...

    Loved the food.
    Their pizzas are amazing.
    As jeff mentioned there are only 2 tables inside and a few outside.
    The night that my husband and I ate there, most of he business was takeout, with a lot of people placing orders.

    We had the white clam pizza and it was delicious.

    If you are looking for its location its in a center a drop south of the Applebee’s on Jog/Atlantic.

  5. Something like a month ago my wife and I tried AH-BEETZ and loved it.
    It is basically a takeout with very limited seating inside and outside.
    Their pizza is great.
    We ate outside and other than for a large pizza we didnt try anything else out.
    We did have 2 bottles of Fox Park sodas, cherry and orange and the outing was perfect.
    We will definitely be back to eat ther again.

  6. TURNER says...

    You must be slipping.
    I actually beat you there.
    Me and a couple of buddies heard about this joint months ago.
    Since then, I’ve been there 3 times.
    Food is awesome
    By the way, the marinara sauce that comes with the calzone is outrageously delicious.

  7. Ellen G says...

    Its white clam pizza is terrific.

  8. Vinny B says...

    Their pizza is delicious.

  9. Anita Cohen says...

    Took out from there last night, pizza, calzone and wings and everything was delicious.
    Very limited menu.
    If you are looking for off the chart delicious pizzas, wings, calzones Ah-Beetz is definitely for you.
    Seating inside is very limited. There are a handful of table outside.
    My husband and i will definitely be back.

  10. Diane Dimon says...

    My husband and I love coal fired pizza. For years we have rated both Tucci’s in Boca Raton and Grimaldi’s in Palm Beach Gardens as our favorite pizza restaurants. Between these 2, we give the edge to Grimaldi’s.

    As you often say, long story short, that all changed last night when we ate at Ah-Beetz in Delray Beach. Phenomenal pizza! IMHO Tucci’s and Grimaldi’s aren’t even in the same league pizza wise as Ah-Beetz is.

    For the record, Tucci’s and Grimaldi’s are full service restaurants with Ah-Beetz more like a takeout which threw in a few tables as an after thought. So if, your into the dining experience, Tucci’s and Grimaldi’s are the game.

    Great recommendation.

  11. Very limited menu and dining in space.
    Did takeout. White clam pizza, calzone, wings and each was delicious.
    A drop on the pricey side, buy nothing too terrible.
    I will definitely be back for another round.

  12. Larry Fine says...

    Loved the food.

  13. Kaylee James says...

    As a long time coal fired pizza fan I am telling you that this joint’s pizza is amazingly delicious.

  14. Arlin R says...

    I love coal fired pizza.
    Yesterday I was a guest at a birthday party where Ah-Beetz Pizza was served. Now so we are clear, it came straight out of the boxes so it wasn’t piping hot as it would have been if served in the restaurant. Long story short, the pizzas were incredible. Absolutely delicious. Looking forward to eating at the restaurant.

  15. Ed Fine says...

    Like others here i love coal fired pizza. Tried Ah last night and thought that its pizza was good but far from being great. Just thought that the pizza’s crust was way too thick.

  16. Harry Frank says...

    Its food is amazing.

  17. Wiggy says...

    Tried it yesterday, thought that the pizza was good, but I’ve had better. Crust was too thin and the pie had too much char for me.

  18. Don T says...

    This is basically a takeout.
    A few tables inside, a few outside.

    I love coal fired pizza.

    This joint’s pizza is delicious.

    Can’t think of another coal fired pizza joint in Florida whose pizza even comes close.



  20. They make outrageously delicious pizza.

  21. Joe Corrado says...

    If you like coal fired oven pizza, then you have to try Ah-Beetz. Its pizza is terrific. Handful of tables inside and outside.

  22. Don Koster says...

    Its pizzas are awesome.

  23. Awesome delicious pizza.

  24. Leo F says...

    I love coal fired pizza.
    I’ve eaten coal fired pizza for years, all over Florida and elsewhere.
    This joint’s coal fired pizza is definitely right up there with the best I’ve ever eaten.

  25. Nice meeting you and Mrs. Jeff Eats the other night at Laspada Hoagies in Boca Raton.

    As I mentioned, my wife and I are new to the Boca area having just moved here this past May from Baltimore.

    Your site has been a terrific source of info as to where to eat and be entertained.

    Your Laspada recommendation was amazing.

    Just wanted you to know, that last night we tried Ah-Beetz and the pizza was terrific. Another great call.

    Thanks again for the site.

  26. Penny Waldman says...

    My husband and I love coal fired pizza.

    To be perfectly honest with you other than for a very small handful, Florida’s coal and wood fired pizza oven restaurants are really weak. For example, Anthony’s which has a number of locations serves pizza that is absolute garbage. Same goes for Nick’s in Boca Raton. Places like Sicilian Oven serves good salads but its wood fired pizza and wings are lousy. Tucci’s in Boca Raton is good, but not great. The list goes on and on.

    Anyway, a few days ago we tried Ah-Beetz and its pizza was sensational. This joint really knows what’s doing.

  27. Laura Storm says...

    My husband and I gave your recommendation a try this afternoon for a late lunch.

    The pizza was amazing..

    Great recommendation.

  28. Ralph Hendrix says...

    Awesome coal oven pizza.
    Best I’ve had in Florida.

  29. Ronnie W says...

    Definitely best coal fired oven pizza in Florida.

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