Posted on July 16th, 2022 · Music/Events/Other


A 65 year old goes to the doctor? After the examination the doctor says, “Clyde, you’re in remarkable shape. I don’t even have any suggestions. Just curious, how old was your father when he passed away?” Clyde says, “What, my father died?” The doctor responds, “No, I just figured at your age, but I’m not surprised. How old is he?” Clyde quips, “He’s 85.” Doc says,, “OK, how old was your grandfather when he passed?” Clyde, with a look of surprise asks, “What, papaw died?” The doctor is incredulous. “You’re grandfather is alive too, amazing. How old is he?” Well, he’s 105 and he’s why I’m getting my physical. I have to fly out to his wedding. He’s marrying a 25 year old.” Doc says, “Why in the world would a 105 year old want to marry at 25 year old?” Clyde says with a wry smile, ”Who says he WANTED to?”

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