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Every Wednesday From 4/13-5/4: FUEL UP WITH KRISPY KREME!

Posted on May 4th, 2022 · American Breakfast Deals Desserts Fast Food

Originally posted April 11th, 2022.

* Every Wednesday From 4/13-5/4: FUEL UP WITH KRISPY KREME!

Just so you guys know the Wednesdays in the promotion are 4/13, 4/20, 4/27, 5/4.

Checkout this Deal!

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Every Wednesday From 4/13-5/4: FUEL UP WITH KRISPY KREME!

We know everyone could use a little doughnut deflation to sweeten the recent pain at the pump. So for the next four Wednesdays, we are helping you fill your tank with Original Glazed ® Dozens by pricing them at the cost of the national average of 1 gallon of regular gas.

As you’re out and about, swing by Krispy Kreme to pick up your Original Glazed ® dozen at the national average price of a gallon of gas. We promise it’ll sweeten your ‘pump day’!

Prices will be updated weekly, so check back each Tuesday to know that week’s offer price! Redeemable Wednesdays only in shop, drive-thru, and online pickup.

Canadian shops are not participating locations.

22 Comments to “Every Wednesday From 4/13-5/4: FUEL UP WITH KRISPY KREME!”

  1. Joe Ross says...

    Sounds good to me.

  2. Jeff,
    Thanks for the heads up on this promo.

  3. Ellen G says...

    This is a great deal.
    A dozen normally runs something like 10 bucks.

  4. I’m going to weigh a 1,000 pounds after this deal ends.

  5. Vince Taub says...

    I just got a dozen for $4.11

  6. Bobby Cantor says...

    I knew that, that guy Biden would finally be good for something.

  7. Lou Vincente says...

    Just got a dozen for $4.11.

  8. Got a dozen for $4.11.

  9. Larry Fine says...

    Just hope KK doesn’t add California gas price into the number. If it does, I would guess a dozen would be like a bloody fortune.

  10. Lou Rosen says...

    This is a great promotion.

    I love KK glazed donuts.

    Can’t hurt to save a few bucks.

  11. Tom Nixon says...

    Nice deal.

  12. Vince Traub says...

    Just checked, a dozen tomorrow is $4.08.

  13. Lou Gore says...

    I’m in,
    Picking up 2 dozen for the office tomorrow.

    Thank you President Joe Biden for high gas prices!

  14. Bought a dozen this morning for $4.08.
    This is a really cool promotion.

  15. Carl Rosen. says...

    Great deal.
    Just picked up a dozen on my way to the office for $4.08.

  16. What a great deal.
    I’m in, at $4.08.
    Cant wait to see next week’s price.

  17. George Califano says...

    I couldn’t resist.
    Got a dozen.
    Great promotion.

  18. Carl Rosen says...

    Just checked price for 4/27/22 is $4.08.

  19. Lo Lo says...

    Bought a dozen. $4.08 this morning.

  20. Lo Lo says...

    A dozen tomorrow is 4.19.

  21. KLEINMAN says...



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