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Hogan’s Great Sandwiches (Gainesville)

Posted on January 25th, 2022 · American Fast Food Subs/Salads

***** Hogan’s Great Sandwiches, 2327 Northwest 13th Street Gainesville, Florida 32609,
(352) 376-6224.

Got a real good sandwich joint for you guys to checkout- Hogan’s Great Sandwiches in Gainesville.

Simple tale to tell- order/pickup at counter, cash only, table seating, draft & bottled beer/wine bar, tvs, military memorabilia decor, reasonably priced- 6” 8” 12” hot & cold heroes & sandwiches/ salads menu, open Monday-Saturday 10am-midnight/Sunday 10am-9pm.

Yesterday, Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats discovered Hogan’s Great Sandwiches and I gotta tell you guys- the joint’s food absolutely killed!

Now, you guys know (or should know by now) that this food reviewing gig is purely a subjective game- you know, what Jeff Eats likes, you may hate, vice versa- so on and so forth…with that in mind, I gotta tell you- that Hogan’s Great Sandwiches is right-up there with Florida’s best sandwich joints!

Let’s rate Hogan’s Great Sandwiches a must try!

3 Comments to “Hogan’s Great Sandwiches (Gainesville)”

  1. Peter Davidson says...

    Their sandwiches are delicious and gigantic. Definitely one of the best sub joints I have eaten in.

  2. I have been eating there for years. Very rare to find a sandwich joint that has all kinds of cold bottlles and beers on tap. This joint makes gigantic sandwiches that are amazing. You are right this joint is an absolute must try

  3. Lenny Costner says...

    Outrageously delicious subs. Right up there with the best sub joints in Florida.

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