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Exclusive Online Presale- Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons (Hard Rock Live- Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino- Hollywood

* Exclusive Online Presale- Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons

One of my favorite groups of all-time.

That said, unfortunately- the man’s voice is totally shot!

Your call…

Tickets: Password: SHERRY

11 Comments to “Exclusive Online Presale- Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons (Hard Rock Live- Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino- Hollywood”

  1. Robin Gross says...

    Saw Valli just before Covid hit and he was terrible. You are right, his voice is totally shot!

  2. You do know that you are the only column that ever really tells the truth about things. You call it just as you see it, in this case, hears it,

  3. Lou Cohen says...

    Sad, he can’t sing any more. The backup group which is The Modern Gentlemen carry the whole show.

  4. The man is a living legend. Countless concerts, Broadway show, major motion picture.
    I am 69 years old and must have seen Valli at least 10 times, with the last show being just a few months ago.
    In addition to the Hard Rock show, Valli has a massive tour coming up.
    Valli is 87 years old. I am telling you that he is well passed his prime. He actually lip syncs most of the songs. When he does sing, he sings in a much lower key than the songs demand.
    Sure its fun seeing a living legend on stage, but it is also a major disappointment watching that living legend making a fool of himself trying to convince an audience that he’s still got it.
    Valli surrounds himself with a top notch orchestra and his Seasons are young and can really sing and dance. They are excellent, but unfortunately make it obvious that Valli is just a prop for them.

  5. Saw Valli a few years ago, not good.
    Not sure if he was even singing live.
    He was a great one, but not anymore.

  6. Larry Rosado says...

    “Shot” is being kind!
    The guy literally can’t sing anymore.
    In his prime he was GREAT.
    At 87 he’s shot.
    My wife and I recently saw him in AC and it was like pissing money away.

  7. Larry Gross says...

    Recently saw Valli and he is definitely not singing live. Time for him to retire because he looks dumb up on stage just moving his lips.

  8. Ben Rosen says...

    Show postponed to 12/10/22.

  9. Ken H says...

    I saw Frankie Valli 2 months ago at Mohegan Sun. He lip synced the entire show!

  10. Ben Rosen says...


    The guy is pitiful.

    He should know better and hang it up.

    He was great, but now…

    Lip synchs the whole show.

  11. Benny S says...

    Frankie is shot.
    Recently saw him.
    He didnt sing a note.

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