Posted on November 3rd, 2021 · Music/Events/Other


A man with really bad eyesight was going for a job as a pilot.

It was his dream job, so he asked a friend how he might get past the interview, what with his terrible eyesight and all.

‘What can I do? I obviously can’t wear my glasses…’ he asked his friend.

His friend said, ‘Stick a pin in a tree on the other side of the field from the office. When they ask you about your eyesight say that you’re able to see a pin stuck in the tree and it’s been distracting you during the interview.’

‘They’ll be so intrigued that they’ll probably come with you to show them where the pin is. Boom, you’re hired!’ the friend suggested.

The next week the friend asked how the interview went.

‘I didn’t get the job. Everything was going well until they asked about my eyesight. I had done what you said — I stuck a pin in the tree and mentioned it during the interview. They wanted to see this pin for themselves, so we all went across the field to see it.’

‘Okay, that sounds fine, you did have the pin stuck in the tree. So what happened?’ the friend asked.

‘While walking towards the tree, I tripped over a cow.’

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