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DISH OF THE WEEK (Sunday- 10/31/21- Shaka Donuts- Orlando)

***** DISH OF THE WEEK (Sunday- 10/31/21- Shaka Donuts).

One of Jeff Eats’ favorite menu items…

($2.75- raised donut topped with cinnamon glaze/ streusel/ vanilla icing)

Shaka Donuts
225 East Michigan Street
(407) 801-5066
Latest Review: 4/12/21

Trust Jeff Eats when I tell you- if you like donuts, you will absolutely positively love Shaka Donuts!

Posted on April 12th, 2021

***** Shaka Donuts, 225 East Michigan Street, Orlando, Florida 32806, (407) 801-5066.

Got a killer donut joint that you guys gotta check-out…Shaka Donuts in Orlando.

Real simple tale to tell…

Yesterday morning, Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats “discovered” Shaka Donuts and the order-pickup at the counter/ table and hi-top seating/ house donuts- made to order donuts -breakfast sandwiches- coffee menu joint totally blew us away!

Trust Jeff Eats on this one…Shaka Donuts is an absolute must try!

You guys can check for menu/prices/info.

Shaka Donuts is open:
Sunday 7:30AM–1PM
Tuesday-Friday 6:30AM–6PM
Saturday 7:30AM–6PM
Closed Monday

3 Comments to “DISH OF THE WEEK (Sunday- 10/31/21- Shaka Donuts- Orlando)”

  1. Vernon Kahn says...

    Donuts look delicious.
    Website menu looks pretty pricey to me.

  2. Azureblue says...

    Jeff, have you been to Dandee Donuts lately? I believe they make some of the best and most tasty donuts in South Florida 🍩

    • JeffEats says...

      Have to agree that Dandee Donuts makes terrific donuts.
      Most recent visit was to its Pompano Beach location about 2 weeks ago.
      Thanks for reading,
      Jeff Eats

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