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Blood Sweat & Tears (Coral Springs Center For The Arts- Coral Springs)

Posted on September 17th, 2021 · American Coral Springs Fast Food Music/Events/Other

* Blood Sweat & Tears.

Tickets Just Went On Sale.

Just a quick observation, Jeff Eats isn’t seeing even one original recording member in the above picture.


Blood Sweat & Tears
March 11, 2022 | 8pm

Coral Springs Center For The Arts
2855 Coral Springs Drive
Coral Springs, Florida 33065
Box Office: (954) 344-5990

Blood, Sweat & Tears is not the first band to ever use a horn section, but they are the first to fuse it with rock, jazz, and some blues thrown in for good measure. From the first ensemble in the late sixties practicing in a loft on Bleeker Street in New York’s Greenwich Village and having crowds clapping on the street below between songs, founding member and drummer Bobby Colomby knew they were on the right course. Since then, the band has never stopped touring for over 50 years.

The Band’s second album self-named “Blood Sweat & Tears” was a success, rising to the top of the charts for 7 weeks and yielding 3 top 5 singles including “God Bless The Child,” “Spinning Wheel” and “You’ve Made me So Very Happy.” The album received the Grammy Award for “Album of the Year” in 1970 beating out the Beatles’ “Abby Road”. That album went on to earn quadruple Platinum status with sales well over 4 million units. Come hear Blood Sweat & Tears perform your favorite songs with their new lead singer Keit

3 Comments to “Blood Sweat & Tears (Coral Springs Center For The Arts- Coral Springs)”

  1. Vinny Jay says...

    Right you are.
    Its just a band put together by founding member Bobby Colomby who owns the band name.

  2. Colomby has been doing this for years. In one version he had Bo Bice fronting the band.
    By the way, the bands are always good and put on a great show but they are only BST in name as none of them are original members. Colomby doesn’t perform in the bands.

  3. This is basically a tribute band using the group’s name.
    It doesn’t mean that the band isn’t good, but it does mean that the players you see had nothing to do with the records that made the group famous. Sort of like Ringo and Paul letting 4 guys other than Ringo, Paul, John and George saying they are The Beatles.

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