Pavilion Grille hosting- Celebration of Life for Joey Dale (Pavilion Grille- Boca Raton)

Posted on August 29th, 2021 · American Boca Raton Buffet Music/Events/Other

Originally posted on August 11th, 2021.

* Pavilion Grille hosting- Celebration of Life for Joey Dale.

On March 25th, 2020 my good friend Joey Daleo passed-away. Covid-19 prevented a proper funeral and a celebration of his life!

For you guys who didn’t have the pleasure of knowing Joey Daleo “aka” Joey Dale- The Joey Dale Story (published, April, 2016) is a good starting point to learn about the man who for the past 25 years was one of Florida’s premier doo wop/50s/60s/Motown/disco music-concert promoters/ performers- lead singer of Joey Dale & The Gigolos/ talent managers…

On Sunday Night, August 29th, 2021 at 7pm Joey’s family, friends and fans are having a celebration…

The event is open to the General Public…

Pavilion Grille
301 Yamato Road
Boca Raton, Florida 33431
Reservations/menu/info: (561) 912-0000
Food & Beverage Minimum: $20 (reserved bar or reserved table seating/dinner at 5pm-American Style menu)

Jeff Eats, Mrs. Jeff Eats and a group of friends have a table reserved…

Trust me, there are going to be loads of photographs, videos and a speech or three- about Joey’s long music career and wonderful family life!

Now, with this Covid-19 situation…

There is really no way to know who will “attend”- but I will tell you, past General Public Invited- Joey Dale Birthday and other parties were- always packed with famous recording artists, well known Florida music acts and legendary songwriters- and yes, Joey was always able to “coax” a song or two out of them to please the crowd!

Guaranteed- this Celebration of Life for Joey Dale is going to be a very special evening!


Please, sit back and enjoy my good friend Joey…

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  1. Marvin Levy says...

    Jeff, My wife and I were at this event. It was a [phenomenal party. All kinds of entertainment and delicious food.

    Posted on July 6th, 2017

    * Joey Dale’s Birthday Party.

    Real simple story here…

    For years- Joey Dale the frontman of Joey Dale & The Gigolos- one of South Florida’s premier Doo Wop/50s-70s bands throws himself a birthday party. In addition to you- the General Public, Joey invites a ton of local & national music talent to attend!

    Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats have been to a handful of these “birthday parties” and they were simply amazing! Non stop music performances by a who’s who of South Florida’s best musicians and legendary performers like Larry Chance of The Earls and Chubby Tavares.

    This year Joey’s birthday party is at the Pavilion Grille, 301 Yamato Road, Boca Raton, Florida 33431, (561) 912-0000.

    The “tariff”- $10 at the door (which buys you 1-drink, or it can be applied against a $20 food purchase from the Pavilion Grille’s -American Style menu). You can “either” sit at the bar, or at a reserved table!

    Last year, Joey Dale’s Birthday Party (at the Pavilion) drew well over 400 people. Trust Jeff Eats when I tell you that- if you’re into Doo Wop/Motown/Disco/50s-70s Rock n Roll music you will have an absolute blast! The entertainment is non-stop and the Pavilion Grille’s- American Style food is delicious and very reasonably priced.

    If you wanna go, call the Pavillion Grille- (561) 912-0000 for reservations.

    For Pavilion Grille menu/info –

  2. Ronnie Lester says...

    The Woodfield Country Club in Boca Raton had Motown In Moition at 2 of its events. These guys are amazing. For 3 straight hours at each event, they had the crowd up and dancing all night. I see they are listed as appearing.
    They are great.

  3. Gina Pistone says...

    I have seen Spanky & Dino a handful of times. They put on a terrific show. Same goes for David Morin. Dead on Elvis and great 50s and 60s covers. Motown In Motion a group that Joey created is an absolutely phenomenal act. Haven’t seen Carmen Medina in action but anyone ‘connected’ to Joey must be good.

  4. I see from the flyer that 4 local acts are set to perform. Ive seen all 4 and all are tremendous talents. This should be a great event in honor of Joey Dale.

  5. Over the past 25 years my husband and I must have seen Joey Dale & the Gigolos literally a 1,000 times. The group played all over South Florida in country clubs, condos, theaters, concert halls, private parties, and restaurants.
    Joey was a great front man. For sure not the best lead singer, he was a great MC and personality that really made an event exciting and non stop.

    Joey Dale will be be sorely missed. He was a super nice guy and went the extra mile to entertain his audience.

  6. Greta Hoffman says...

    Our CC had Joey Dale & the Gigolos a handful of times and the group always put on a fantastic show. True, true, true, Joey was a great showman.

  7. Barbara Ross says...

    I read Joey’s book and it was a terrific life story.
    I understand that at the time of his death discussions were underway about making the book into a TV movie.
    I also see that Joey in the book mentions you as a good friend and thanked you for helping writing the book.

    All I can tell your readers is that wherever Joey Dale & The Gigolos appeared huge crowds were there to party with them.

  8. Bil Hess says...

    Years ago I met you, Joey, and several booking agents and performers while eating at the Einstein Bagel on Powerline in Boca Raton. I remember how you and Joey and the other guys kindly invited me to join the group as you guys laughed and joked about all of the fun times you had at various shows and events. To tell the truth, Joey’s were the funniest and craziest of all.

    Sorry to hear about Joey’s passing!

  9. Had Joey & the Gigolos at our 50th Anniversary Party. They entertained the crowd all night long. They were tremendous.

  10. Anna Klein says...

    We’ve seen Joey countless times. A real showman who really knew how to entertain a crowd.

  11. Lori & Mike says...

    A few years ago we were at Joey’s Birthday Party at the Pavilion. Great party. Delicious food and terrific entertainment. Larry Chance of The Earls and Chubby Taverse were guests and performed their hits backed up by other guest singers. The party’s was so much fun..

  12. Margie Reynolds says...

    Saw Joey at the Green Parrot in Key West. The group was phenomenal. If I’m not mistaken, Jimmy Gallagher of The Passions performed with the group that day.
    Sorry to hear about Joey.
    May He Rest In Peace.

  13. Larry Fine says...

    Joey was a great entertainer and a real gentlemen.

  14. Over the past 20 years my wife and I must have seen Joey & the Gigolos a hundred times. The group was always booked somewhere in Florida. We also have been to many of the concerts which he produced starring such groups as Motown In Motion who Joey created and managed.

    As others here have written Joey was a great performer and a real gentleman.

    All we can is that you really got your money’s worth when Joey Dale was involved.

    May he Rest In Peace!

  15. Huge fan of Joey Dale & the Gigolos.
    Joey was a great performer.

  16. Janice Pistone says...

    My condolences to Joey’s family and friends.

    Joey & The Gigolos were a fantastic act.

    Over the years the group changed singers. Always fronted by Joey, they always put on a great show.

  17. Frank Ciccione says...

    Louie Prima and Joey Dale, the 2 best versions of Just A Gigolo that Ive ever heard.

    • Vicki Daleo aka Dale says...

      I agree Frank Ciccione. Thank You. Kind regards, Vicki (Joey’s other half)

  18. Steven Fine says...

    Joey Dale & The Gigolos were are a terrific doo wop/50s, 60, discos/ Motown act.
    Most people probably don’t know that Joey “arranged” the music that the group sang. He was a multi talented guy.

    Joey & The Gigolos played at my CC in Boca Raton a handful of times and they were always sensational.

    Joey will be misse!

    Joey, RIP!

  19. Years ago we had so many fun nights with Joey Dale & the Gigolos at Nick’s Italian Restaurant in Fort Lauderdale.

    We were shocked and saddened to hear of Joey Dale’s passing. He will be greatly missed.

  20. Lilly DeFranco says...

    The 4 performers listed on the flyer are awesome. Joey is going to have a terrific celebration.

  21. Annette Fusco says...

    Joey Dale was a great guy. Always pleasant and a fun person to be around.

  22. Mary Keller says...

    My husband and I must have seen Joey at least 50 times over the years.
    He and the Gigolos always put on a great show.
    Joey was such a fun guy.

  23. Always loved dancing and partying with Joey Dale & The Gigolos.

  24. Joan Henry says...

    Huge fan of Joey & The Gigolos.
    God Bless & RIP

  25. Lou Klein says...

    Joey was a great entertainer. Really enjoyed seeing him at many South Florida spots.
    Lou Klein

  26. Frank Carracci says...

    Joey Dale was a first class act.
    Our Country Club had Joey & The Gigolos a load of times and the group always did a great job.

  27. Dawn Haber says...

    I’ve seen that Motown In Motion act a number of times.
    These guys aren’t good, they are great.

    My condolences to Joey’s family. May He Rest In Peace!

  28. Over the past 25 years or so my wife and I must have seen Joey & the Gigolos literally a thousand times.
    Joey Dale was the frontman and really knew how to keep people entertained.
    Sorry to hear of his passing.
    Our best wishes to his family and friends.

  29. Lois Chaite says...

    My parents lived in the Woodfield Country Club in Boca Raton for many years until they both passed a number of years ago,

    Thanks to Jeff Eats’ recommendation, my parents hired Joey Dale & The Gigolos to play their 50th Anniversary Party which was held in the country club’s main ballroom.

    For over 3 hours, Joey Dale and his group put on an afternoon of terrific entertainment. There wasn’t one guest that didn’t have an absolutely fabulous time dancing and singing along with Joey and his group.

    I am so sorry to hear of Joey’s passing.

    I will always remember him as a wonderful man who made my parents so happy by entertaining and mc-ing at their party.

  30. Brenda Carlisle says...

    Beautiful event. So glad that I went. Joey would’ve have really enjoyed it.

    Joey you are missed. Rest In Peace!

    • Vicki Daleo AKA Dale says...

      Thank You Brenda
      I have a feeling he was there watching stating, WOW, my wife did GREAT! With tears he would have had. I am positive. As Joey would say, this was a night to remember. Thank you for joining us in his Celebration of Life.

      Vicki Daleo aka Daleo

  31. There must have been around 300 people there last night. Everyone eating, drinking, singing and dancing while remembering what a great guy Joey was.

  32. Vicki Daleo AKA Dale says...

    Hello Jeff
    Thank you so very much for your posting. I enjoyed reading all the comments as well. Joey sure will be missed by many along with myself deeply. His Motown N Motion Group is still performing. Joey has left this in my hands. His book becoming a movie or mini-series I will be doing my best to make this happen for him. Joeys Celebration of Life was something to see. So glad you attended. All my best to you.

    Kindest Regards,
    Vicki Daleo AKA Dale
    Joey Daleo AKA Dale
    Joey & the Gigolos

  33. Anita says...

    If anyone should have the rights to Joey‘s belongings and his book I do believe it should be his family, he does have a family.
    Joey’s ex wife lead us all to believe she was going to inform his children of any tribute or
    ceremony .
    . He is so missed, so loved and so respected.
    Will live in our hearts forever💔🎤🎼

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