Win A $25 Dragon City Chinese Seafood Restaurant Gift Card (Hollywood)

Posted on July 30th, 2021 · Chinese Contests Deals Hollywood Seafood

This contest started on 7/30/21. This contest has a winner.

* Win A $25 Dragon City Chinese Seafood Restaurant Gift Card.

Jeff Eats got a $25 Dragon City Chinese Seafood Restaurant Gift Card to give to one of you guys!

The game- the first 25 “reader-comments” received – will be entered in a “blind hat pick”! You can submit as many comments as you’d like but- Please, only 1- reader comment – per day…play fair!

The $20 Gift Card is good at Dragon City Chinese Seafood Restaurant, 6708 Stirling Road, Hollywood, Florida 33024, (954) 894-8393.

Posted on October 30th, 2015

***** Dragon City Mandarin House Restaurant, 6708 Stirling Road, Hollywood, Florida 33024, (954) 894-8393.

For our purposes we are gonna call Dragon City Mandarin House Restaurant an “out of sight-out of mind” situation.

If you do some checking (and even if you don’t)- Jeff Eats first told you guys about this Chinese joint on May 1, 2011…the truth be told, I hadn’t been back since…

Long story really short, last night Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats were “down” in Dragon’s neighborhood- and we did dinner- and I gotta tell you that nothing-has changed in 4 1/2 years…the joint’s food still kills!

Last night’s wonton soup, hot & sour soup, bbq ribs, egg rolls, roast pork fried rice, pepper steak, lobster in black bean sauce were absolutely delicious.

Really not too much more to tell you other than- if Dragon City Mandarin House Restaurant was by-my- Boca Raton house, Jeff Eats would be a REAL STEADY customer.


Posted on May 1st, 2011

***** Dragon City Mandarin House Restaurant, 6708 Stirling Road, Hollywood, Florida 33024, (954) 894-8393.

I love good “Brooklyn Jewish” Chinese food. Old Jeff Eats was born in Brooklyn (1949)—with that in mind… to me, a perfect Chinese meal includes dishes “like” wonton/egg drop combo soup, egg rolls, fried dumplings, bbq ribs, roast pork fried rice, sweet & sour pork, General Tso’s chicken, lobster in black bean soup, pepper steak, pistachio ice cream, fortune cookie. Not really into—“real”-“authentic”-Chinese food like, jellyfish, eel, duck tongues, shark fins…Like I said, Brooklyn Jewish is my game.

The other night I had dinner at Dragon City in Hollywood. This joint has dynamite Brooklyn Jewish. It also has real-authentic stuff…so everyone can play here. Just so you know, Dragon’s got TWO menus. One for us Brooklyn guys and one for–shall we say, the adventurous crowd.

If you are looking for fancy schmanzy forget about it. This is a neighborhood Chinese joint. It’s kind of run-down looking…but don’t be a-scared, the food–at least–the Brooklyn Jewish stuff was delicious. To be perfectly honest with you, I couldn’t find even one-dish to bitch about. Sorry can’t comment on the jellyfish or eel because…not my game.

This joint is a homerun.

I’m gonna assume that the “real-authentic” dishes are as good as the phony-Chinese stuff that I stuffed my face with.

Dragon City is open Monday-Friday 11am-3am, Saturday 11am-2am, Sunday noon-2am

27 Comments to “Win A $25 Dragon City Chinese Seafood Restaurant Gift Card (Hollywood)”

  1. Laura Greene says...

    Very familiar with this Chinese restaurant. My family has been eating there for years and its food is amazing. Over the years its had a couple of name changes, but Dragon City has always been its name. Not sure on ownership, but it seems that other than slight name changes its the same owners.

  2. Carmela Diaz says...

    Their food is the best Chinese food in Florida.

  3. Anna Klein says...

    I have been a customer fo over 10 years.
    The name has changed a few times. But its the same food.
    If memory serves me correctly it was Dragon City Mandarin, then Dragon City BQ & Seafood and now its Dragon City Seafood.

  4. Ralph Fuentes says...

    Please pick me.

  5. Warren Estes says...

    I definitely want to win.

  6. Harry Stango says...

    Please pick me.

  7. Tom Sullivan says...

    Hope I win.

  8. Madison Benson says...

    Terrific Chinese Restaurant.

  9. Mark says...

    i could use this to have a reason to visit fiends in Hollywood

  10. ED LEE says...

    Their food is terrific.

  11. Carl Furillo says...

    Please pick me.

  12. Artie Gore says...

    This sounds like a great Chinese restaurant.

  13. Ken Burns says...

    Hope I win.

  14. TURNER says...

    Please pick me.

  15. Jeffrey Bauman says...

    Hope I get this card.

  16. Dave Pressman says...

    Their food is delicious.
    been a customer for years.

  17. Louis Franklin says...

    Make me a winner.

  18. I love this restaurant..

  19. Joe Kennedy says...

    I want to win.

  20. Definitely one of the best Chinese restaurants in South Florida.

  21. Mary Shea says...

    I need this gift card.

  22. Please pick me.

  23. Louis Rosen says...

    can’t wait to eat here.

  24. Perry White says...

    Time to win.

  25. Love their food.

  26. Ted Nathan says...

    Make me a winner.

  27. Mary Shea says...

    Thanks for the gift card.
    Mary Shea

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