Pardon My French But It’s Time To Cut The Bullshit!

Posted on June 29th, 2020 · Music/Events/Other

Originally posted on 6/7/20.

* Pardon My French But It’s Time To Cut The Bullshit!

Be careful for what you wish for…

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  1. Benny W says...

    Can’t call it a master bedroom anymore.

    Time to beat these assholes into the ground.

  2. How Come says...

    How come 3 members of Seattle’s CITY COUNCIL which is pushing for defunding its PD have PD details guarding them and their homes?

  3. Henrietta Banks says...

    Just a matter of time before the bs rioters and protesters pick on the wrong folks. Going to be a bloody one sided massacre which will teach them a lesson that we got laws and freedom of speech and we couldn’t give 2 good shits about what they want America to become. The days of these anarchists, socialists and fools are numbered.

  4. Peter Vargas says...

    Can someone explain to me how can a mayor of an American city like Washington DC and NYC allow city workers to paint on public street BLACK LIVES MATTER?

    This is totally insane.

    From what I see there is a CIVIL WAR coming to this country.

  5. Larry D says...

    Now I see that Cleveland Indians and Washington Redskins are thinking of changing their names.

    Civil War is coming.

  6. LINDA EVERS says...

    Recently saw a video of a female protester In Portland running around totally naked. WTF?

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