Krush Band

Posted on March 8th, 2020 · Music/Events/Other

* Krush Band.

A recent e-mail from long time Jeff Eats’ reader, Lo Lo…

Hey Jeff,
My husband and I love
You really have the pulse on the food and entertainment scene in South Florida.
We would really appreciate your help on this one.
Our 30th wedding anniversary is coming up in October, 2020.
We are looking for a top party band to play the event at our country club in Boca Raton.
We will be having over 250 guests aged 20-90 so a band that can play ‘everything’ would be the perfect pick.
Thanks for the help,
Lo Lo
Lo Lo,

Happy Anniversary!

Got a terrific party band for you guys to check-out, Krush Band- based in Coral Springs which has been around for something like 15 years. Trust Jeff Eats on this one, Krush Band will absolutely kill.

You guys can check-out Krush Band at the band has a number of complimentary March & April, 2020 South Florida dates on its schedule.

Once again, Happy Anniversary!

Thanks for reading…

Jeff Eats

4 Comments to “Krush Band”

  1. Larry Fine says...

    Lo Lo.
    Great recommendation by Jeff.
    Ive seen the band a handful of times and they really are excellent. Literally, they play everything from 50s to today great.
    Happy Anniversary,
    Lo Lo

  2. Mindy Garner says...

    Caught KRUSH the other night at Prezzo in Boca Raton and they were really.good. The outdoor crowd really enjoyed them.

  3. Carmine P says...

    Jeff, saw the band the other night. They were playing outside of Prezzo in Boca. I think you made a bad call here as most of the vocals were flat and off key. Take care.

    • Joe Esposito says...

      Have to agree. I saw the band last week at Prezzo and the vocals on a number of songs were way off.

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