Senate Impeachment Trial

Posted on December 23rd, 2019 · Music/Events/Other

* Senate Impeachment Trial.



See how stupid the whole process is?

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  1. TURNER says...

    You hit the nail right on the head.
    Whether you are for Trump or against Trump there is absolutely no way that the House and Senate can handle this.
    Amazing, 4 of the IMPARTIAL Senate Jurors have already said Trump’s guilty.

  2. Bob N says...

    I voted for Clinton. Personally i dont like Trump’s rude crude style but I also happen to think that he’s done a pretty good job.
    As for the Impeachment, all bullshit.
    You don’t want him, beat Trump at the ballot box in 2020.

  3. Wes Trimble says...

    The 4 senators you have listed are all running for the Dem nomination. They shouldn’t be allowed to vote on impeachment as they are all biased. A juror is suppose to be impartial.

    You dont want Trump, vote him out.

  4. Sam Cohen says...

    Personally I don’t like Trump.
    Then again, if Warren or Sanders were to get the nomination, I’ll definitely be voting for Trump.
    As for the whole Impeachment business a total waste of time. Totally political.
    By the way, anyone who can’t see that Biden and his son Hunter are crooks are morons.

    You don’t like Trump, just dont vote for him in 2020.

  5. Wendy Brown says...

    Trump is a self centered jackass. Amazingly he has done a decent job.
    The big crooks in the whole story is Biden and his drug addict low life moron son Hunter.

  6. Marc Greenberg says...

    What amazes me is how weak the Democrat field is.

  7. Lo Lo says...

    The House was rigged against Trump.
    The Senate is rigged in favor of Trump.

    The whole process is political.

    Personally I dont think that Trump did anything wrong.

  8. Andy Gold says...

    As usual you are right on the money.
    4 senators all running to get a nomination who have already said that trump is guilty are supposedly going to be impartial jurors. If this was a real Court they would not be allowed to serve on a jury.
    Love the way how you stimulate the conversation and get your readers involved.
    Happy Holidays to you and everyone here reading Jeff Eats.

  9. Joe Kennedy says...

    Very impartial jurors.

  10. Steven Gold says...

    I’m sure the listed 4 are unbiased.

  11. LOU F says...

    What does Warren the American Indian have to say about being a liar crook.

  12. Tom Nixon says...

    A waste of time.
    Democrats just can’t handle the fact that he beat Clinton.

  13. Joe Alphonse says...

    On both sides it’s all rigged.

  14. Ben Carter says...

    Ask the 4 as to why a Ukrainian company put Hunter Biden on its BOD and some of you guys are worried about Trump. Get real.

  15. Tony Dellman says...

    Every senator who will hear this case already knows how he or she will vote even before they hear one word of testimony.
    The exact same thing happened in the House.
    This Impeachment bs is just a waste of time.
    If you think that Trump did something wrong with Ukraine then you also have to think that Joe Biden and his son Hunter have to be big time crooks.
    Face it boys and girls all politicians are crooks.
    How does someone like a Harry Reid become a multi millionaire while being in the US Senate?

    Its all bullshit.

  16. Lou Hertz says...

    The whole thing is a joke. A waste of time.

  17. Jones says...

    Pelosi is stalling. Not sending Articles to Senate.
    The president is entitled TO A SPEEDY TRIAL.
    Time for a motion to Dismiss.

  18. Ben Hederson says...

    IF ANDERSON COOPER WASNT GLORIA VANDERBILT’S SON DO YOU REALLY THINK THAT CNN WOULD HAVE HIRED HIM? Same for Chris Cuomo being Gov Cuomo’s brother and Mario Cuomo’s son. Losers who were lucky by birth.

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