Bobby Brooks Wilson (Kings Point- Delray Beach)

Posted on December 19th, 2019 · Delray Beach Music/Events/Other

* Bobby Brooks Wilson.

This guy is an absolute must see…

Just picked-up 2 tickets for tomorrow night’s show.

The Skinny:

Bobby Brooks Wilson

Friday, December 20th, 2019 (8pm)

Kings Point-Delray Beach
7000 Atlantic Avenue
Delray Beach, Florida 33446WILSON
Box Office- (561) 499-3335

$14.00 Residents • $20.00 Non-Residents


The son of legendary R&B/soul singer Jackie Wilson, Bobby continues his legacy
with the same amazing talent as his biological father. Bobby is a global entertainer
having performed in casinos, clubs and on cruise ships around the world. He is a
three-time Grammy Balloted Artist and has had four top ten hits on the adult charts.
Once you see him and his band perform, you will agree with the fans who have named
him, ‘Mr. Entertainment’.

9 Comments to “Bobby Brooks Wilson (Kings Point- Delray Beach)”

  1. Brett Vaughn says...

    My wife and I saw Bobby a few weeks ago at the Coral Springs Center for the Arts and he put on a tremendous show. The man can sing and dance and has the style of his late father, Jackie Wilson.

  2. My husband and I caught Bobby’s show last year at Kings Point. he was amazing. Go see see Bobby, you will have a great time.

  3. Karen M says...

    Our country club, Boca Woods had Wilson 3 years ago and he was terrific. The man can really sing and dance. For all of your readers who have yet to see him, GO!

  4. TLK201 says...

    Last year Bobby wilson was a guest of one of our members here at the Woodfield country Club. Wilson was in the audience for a show starring The Atlantic City Boys. The Boys invited Wilson onto the stage and he sang lead on 2 songs with them. The audience literally went nuts about his appearance. My wife and i and 2 other couples have tickets to see Wilson tomorrow night at Kings Point. if he could blow a place up with just 2 songs it will be fun to see what he does with his whole band and 90 minutes with him out front all night. By the way the WCC a few years ago had Eddie Capone (who is appearing with The Tokens in 2/20 at Kings Point) at one of our Comedy Nights. He was terrific. very very funny.

  5. Edith B says...

    My bf and i saw him at Kings Point last year. He was great. We are going again this year. Even if you’re not a resident the tickets price is as cheap as can be for such a great show.

  6. Calvin Fuentes says...

    Saw him last light at the funky biscuit in Boca Raton. He put on an outstanding non stop show. This man is super super talented.

  7. TURNER says...

    Ive got tickets to see him at the Boca Black Box on 3/6/20.

  8. I saw him this year on Nov. Malt Shop cruise. The guy puts on a fabulous show. I didn’t know that Kings Point allows non residents to buy tickets. Just got 4 online for my husband and myself and another couple. Thanks for the heads up on this one.

  9. June Giordano says...

    So glad you recommended this show, Bobby was absolutely amazing. Love every minute of his show.

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