The Boardwalk Brothers (Kings Point- Delray Beach)

Posted on March 8th, 2019 · Delray Beach Music/Events/Other

First told you guys about The Boardwalk Brothers’- Kings Point (Sunday, March 10th, 2019- 8pm) show on 11/27/18. Can’t really explain it, but- tickets sales aren’t looking too hot! Trust Jeff Eats on this one, you guys definitely wanna see The Boardwalk Brothers in action! You can catch great seats at

Posted on November 27th, 2018
* The Boardwalk Brothers.


Now, I dare you- to tell me, that you don’t want to see these guys!

The Skinny:

Sunday, March 10, 2019, 8:00 PM

The Boardwalk Brothers

Kings Point-Delray Beach
7000 Atlantic Avenue
Delray Beach, Florida 33446
Box Office- (561) 499-3335

$16.00 Residents • $22.00 Non-Residents


The Boardwalk Brothers are a premiere mixed-race, four-part harmony vocal group currently touring… Entertaining fans with their irresistibly catchy, authentic Pop music spectacle! Led by a cast whose credits span Broadway, national and international tours, cruise ships, casino headliners, and more. This company of entertainers and musicians brings the joy, intensity and talent that made these hits skyrocket up the charts and find a permanent place in our hearts. If you can’t get enough of that Jersey sound and can’t resist dancing to that Motown beat, you’ll love The Boardwalk Brothers!

16 Comments to “The Boardwalk Brothers (Kings Point- Delray Beach)”

  1. Ross says...

    These guys look great.
    Just bought 4 non resident tickets.

  2. Walker says...

    Picked up 2 tickets online.
    The video is awesome.

  3. straussfamilyinthesun says...

    Really cool:

  4. Janet Esposito says...

    Despite having lived in Delray Beach for 7 years until this morning we didn’t know that Kings Point lets non residents buy tickets for its shows. They have a terrific schedule and we just bought 2 tickets for this show.

  5. RFG says...

    I agree with Janet, and would like to have a couple tickets for myself. Is that still possible?

  6. SELTZER says...

    Just got 2 tickets in center row 2.
    Really looking forward to seeing this show.

  7. TRF says...

    Based on their video I can’t believe that there are so many good seats left.
    heading to box office later today and looking to get 4 tickets.

  8. George C says...

    Just went to KP’s boxoffice and got 4 tickets in the Center, Row 2.

    The show is going to be terrific.

  9. Larry X says...

    I don’t really like Pop music, but on the video, you showed us The Boardwalk Brothers are doing incredible things. Now I understand why people go to their shows and spend a lot of hours standing in the queue for tickets.

  10. Neil G says...

    Bought 2.
    Pretty good seats in Row 2.

  11. Mr. Mike says...

    Five minutes ago I bought 2 tickets. I can’t believe I got Row 2 in the Center section for such a great show. There are still a lot of tickets still available.

  12. Jeffrey Y says...

    See everybody there🙁
    Went to box office and bought 3 tickets. Right of center, row 4. These guys look terrific.

  13. ksr says...

    Just saw the show.
    It was absolutely terrific.

  14. Mike D says...

    Loved the show.

  15. ESD says...

    They were terrific.

  16. SELTZER says...

    Great show.4 great lead singers. Terrific backup band.

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