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Posted on February 20th, 2019 · American Boca Raton Breakfast

Yolk, 5570 North Military Trail, Boca Raton, Florida 33496, (561) 300-4965.

Yolk is a breakfast/lunch- joint that opened something like 3 weeks ago in Boca Raton.

For the record, Yolk currently has 8 locations in Chicago, 3 locations in Indianapolis, 1 location in Fort Worth, 2 locations in Dallas and the aforemtioned Boca Raton location!

You can check menu/prices/locations/info at

Yolk is open 7 days a week 7am-3pm.

Last week Jeff Eats and 3 buddies- ate breakfast at the Boca Raton location (which has indoor booth/ counter/ table seating and outdoor table/ counter seating) and I gotta tell you that the only difference between the Titanic and Yolk is that the Titanic had a band!-(I know, overly dramatic!).

In a nutshell- amateurish service, big time mediocre over-priced food!

Rather than go into detail and color about our meal- trust me when I tell you that the joint batted 4 out of 4- with each of us rating the food and service lousy. Just so you know where I’m coming from, my waffle with fried chicken and scrambled eggs had absolutely (and I do mean, absolutely) no taste whatsoever- when the chicken was then “foolishly” topped by me with the gravy side, it was so horrendously salty- that the entire dish then became a totally inedible disaster! Look! Jeff Eats is a pretty easy going guy, but I just hate when I get rolled!

The bet here, is that the guy(s) who owns (I’m thinking that the Boca Raton location is a franchise-or operating partner type deal) isn’t gonna be a happy financial-camper with this Florida venture! The joint’s lousy location and the area’s piss poor demographics are a story for another day!

Now, you guys and I both know that Jeff Eats could be dead wrong on “this” call- you know, what I like, you might hate and vice versa…with that in mind, if you have already tried/ or do decide to try Yolk- I’d be interested in your respective thoughts!

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  1. ksr says...

    I’ve lived in Boca Raton for over 27 years. I literally know every bagel and breakfast joint in the area.
    I tried YOLK the other day and I have to agree with you, its food isn’t very good and its prices are way too high. Although it’s a great looking restaurant it’s way too big for the area and the rent that it’s paying in what is in reality a brand new shopping center is probably way too high to comfortably carry.
    Time will tell if it can get itself straightened out etc.

  2. Roy Colby says...

    I live right down the street from Yolk, I haven’t yet eaten there but i did look at its menu and its prices are up there. There are at least a dozen breakfast places in the area that have similar offerings at half the price. Yolk is not on my to try list.

  3. Ellen G says...

    Junior’s came to South Florida in Mizner Park and closed.
    Burt Rapoport opened a deli in Yolk’s center and his deli died. Same for the bagel joint he replaced it with.

    Yolk is in for a shock.

    Florida ain’t Chicago. The folks here aren’t going to accept mediocre over priced food.

  4. Mrs. V says...

    My husband and I tried it.
    Nothing special.
    Food is average and priced too high.
    There are tons of better places to eat in the area.

  5. Barry S says...

    IHOP at Glades and 441 is better and a whole lot cheaper.

  6. Andy Gold says...

    Four of us ate there last Sunday. With Tax and Tip the bill was $82.76. Just standard breakfast orders. Just guessing, same order at a bagel shop would have been about half of the amount we spent. The food was ok but nothing special.

  7. Debra P says...

    I don’t know how it happened but my husband and I spent $57 for breakfast.

  8. Joe Kennedy says...

    Maybe this indoor-outdoor buildout works in South Beach, no way it works in Boca Raton The Home Of The Bagel Store.
    The owner obviously doesn’t know the Florida real estate market. Nor Florida’s demographics.

  9. Couldn’t wait to try the waffles with fried chicken and eggs. Not good. Everything ordered had no taste. To make matters worse the dish comes with a gravy which when applied was beyond salty. Won’t be coming back.

  10. Carl Furillo says...

    Hey Jeff,
    Yesterday morning I ate breakfast solo at Yolk.
    Based on a ton of Yelp reviews from Chicago I figured it was a safe bet.
    Surprise surprise surprise, the waffles-fried chicken- egg dish I ordered was an absolute disaster. Fried chicken? How about a big old chicken finger which literally had no taste. Waffles? Think of a frozen Eggo from your toaster with no taste. Scrambled eggs? No taste whatsoever. To add to the disaster, I hit everything with a few shots of gravy which tasted as if someone had unloaded all of the contents of a salt shaker in it.

    As for their advertised FRESH ORANGE JUICE, Natalie’s OJ brand is pasteurized thus defeating the whole purpose of ordering fresh juice in the first place.

    How most of the Yelpers in Chicago liked this joint is beyond me.

    Yolk should change its name to Joke.

  11. Harry D says...

    The restaurant looks great. It has both inside and outdoor patio seating.

    Unless I’m dead wrong, Monday-Friday from 7am-3pm there isn’t enough foot traffic or for that matter any other type of traffic to support this restaurant. Office Depot Headquarters is right next door, but I seriously doubt that its workers are going to eat there or takeout based on its higher than normal prices.

    A deli and then a bagel joint in the center failed real fast when the center first opened. There is also a fresh juice joint in the center, that from what I can tell is sucking wind.

    Personally, if I owned Yolk I wouldn’t have opened in this center.

  12. Henry James says...

    Checked out Yolk this morning on my way to my office. At 8:17am there was exactly 1 table of 4 outside eating breakfast.
    I’m also thinking that Office Depot workers looking for coffee can easily walk into Fresh Market which is a 2 minute walk from yolk in the same center.
    I have top agree with others not a good spot for an upscale breakfast lunch joint.

  13. Karen M says...

    My husband and I ate recently ate breakfast there and thought that the food and service were good. Nothing spectacular but nothing that would stop us from coming back.

  14. Fred Frumpkin says...

    The joint is way too big.
    I sure hope they didnt get ripped off on th rent.
    Definitely not a great spot.
    They are probably counting on OD HQ to drive business during the day. Personally, i don’t see that happening.
    I see that they have a shitload of stories in Chicago etc. this is the first one in Florida. I’m not so sure that they really appreciate Seasoanlity and Income Ranges In this area.
    I’d bet that 50% of the people in the area would never even consider Yolk because of its high prices.
    I also would be that Yolk has no idea as to how bad business is going to be when Season ends and 1/3rd of the people are gone.
    Should be an interesting watch.

  15. KLEINMAN says...

    30 years of living in Boca Raton literally 3 minutes from Yolk’s new spot tells me that its owners know absolutely nothing about the breakfast/lunch market in Boca Raton. The location has way too many seats and isn’t in the best of spots. For sure it can do some business from the Office Depot next door, but definitely not enough to really help this business. The menu prices are way too high for the area and based on the breakfast I had the other day the food isn’t anything special.
    The bet here is that Yolk won’t be around for too long.

  16. Harvey E says...

    Had their pot roast sandwich yesterday for lunch and it was delicious. At $14 a drop on the pricey side.

  17. Ben Feinman says...

    I am very familiar with this chain in that i’ve Lived in Chicago for over 45 years. IMy wife and I currently do winters in Boca Raton and the rest of the year Chicago.
    Yolk has a tremendous following in Chicago.
    I think that its owners must have felt that with all of us Chicago folks down here in the winter time, that it would have a built in audience. sort of like Matteo’s in Boca and Hallandale with its connections to NY’s Long Island.

    Personally, I enjoy Yolk. Decent enough food and the prices work for me.

    As for the new Boca location. I haven’t been there but I have driven past it a number of times in recent weeks. I’m not in the real estate business, but I think that the chosen location is pretty decent. Nice upscale communities to support it.

    Only time will tell.

    Here’s wishing Yolk the best of luck!

  18. Young Court says...

    The other day, I and some of my co-workers ate lunch there and we enjoyed the food. Ordered dishes included buffalo shrimp wrap, turkey burger and tuna meltdown and came with french fries. Service was as friendly as could be and we all agreed that we would definitely come back.

  19. Joe Hamilton says...

    As soon as the landlord’s free rent runs out, this joint will close. Wrong spot, overpriced lousy food.

  20. Barbra F says...

    IHOP is better and much cheaper.

  21. Lori W says...

    My bf and I had breakfast there this morning. Nothing special about the food or service.

  22. Vinnie D says...

    My wife and I have been hearing about Yolk for the past 2 weeks and tried it yesterday for breakfast. First off it’s a very good looking restaurant with both indoor and outdoor seating. I had the eggs benedict and she had the French toast. Both dishes were ok but nothing out of the ordinary. We both had coffee which was ok but like the food nothing special. Rather than going into detail let’s just say that most of the bagel joints in the area are serving better food at better prices.

  23. Carl Furillo says...

    Not half bad.
    A drop pricey but the food and service were really good.
    Beautiful outside setup.
    Not so sure that the area can support such a large operation, only time will tell.

  24. Dereck N says...

    My girlfriend and I tried yolk today. Would say that the location is nice and ambience / decor was on point for the theme and type of restaurant.

    Service was good; however, it took roughly 30 minutes to get our food from the time we ordered, which is way too long for breakfast food.

    Drinks / Food: For the price this location is charging for the food, we were very underwhelmed. I ordered corn beef hash, which literally had a very small amount of corn beef (very disappointing), especially for a $14 price tag and my girlfriend had the crepes, they were OK at best.

    Overall, very disappointed as the choice of breakfast places in Boca is limited and I don’t foresee this restaurant doing well in the long-run if they do not get their operation in place to be more efficient and blow people away with the food for the dollar value as Boca people are the hardest to impress. Easy for them to do well in season, but time will tell.

  25. Britt Z. says...

    I was so excited there is a new breakfast place in Boca so when my friend asked me to pick a place to meet up for breakfast, coming here was a no brainer. We were both looking forward to trying a new restaurant too.

    We were told there was a ten to 15 minute wait, but after 20 minutes we were still waiting. They told us just a few more minutes so we waited.

    At the half hour mark we were finally seated. The restaurant was sort of chaotic which was quite disturbing, this should have been a red flag but we both decided to stay anyway.

    We watched two tables send back food and although the servers were working hard it was obvious they were clearly frazzled. Maybe that’s why we weren’t offered coffee or even approached by anyone.

    A few minutes passed and someone came to take our drink order. After waiting so long we knew what we were ordering so we placed our complete breakfast order.

    Both the hot coffee and the iced coffee were bitter. I couldn’t drink mine and my friend pushed his aside. We caught our servers attention and asked for two glasses of ice water which unfortunately never showed up.

    A solid twenty minutes later and we still didn’t have food, the place was getting busier and noisier, and at this point we were both out of patience. We both wanted to get out of there since we were starving and wanted to go elsewhere. We walked out and I don’t think anyone even noticed, which in my book means they couldn’t care less.

    The restaurant was clean but that doesn’t justify giving an additional star, maybe if the coffee was decent but we couldn’t even drink it.

    I probably won’t be back & not because of the service or the long wait, but because not one person noticed we walked out and if they did notice then they just didn’t care.

  26. Tom Esposito says...

    Overpriced crap.
    Very poor service.
    Won’t last long.

  27. Donna P says...

    Husband and I. Tried to eat there this past Sunday, but after being seated outside there were so many flies annoying the crap out of us that we got up and left before ordering breakfast.

  28. Mr. Baron says...

    Just walked in and then walked out. 12:37pm and there are flies flying inside all over the place. Bad news.

  29. Stan T says...

    Sun Sentinel did a review this morning and gave YOL 1/2 Star. Called it one of the worst breakfasts its had in a very long time.

  30. Ginny Costello says...

    The sun sentinel hated the joint.

  31. Esq says...

    Ate breakfast there this morning, absolute garbage.

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