Trattoria Nonna (Boca Raton)

Posted on September 27th, 2018 · Boca Raton Italian Pizza

Trattoria Nonna, 6006 Southwest 18th Street, Boca Raton, Florida 33433, (561) 347-2344.

With the caveat being- what Jeff Eats might like, you might hate and vice versa…

A couple of weeks ago- Jeff Eats, Mrs. Jeff Eats and another couple ate dinner at Trattoria Nonna (which opened something like 7-months ago) in Boca Raton and we all agreed that this Italian joint had a very stylish modern-upscale “look”- that its food was lousy, that its service was lousy, that its noise level was beyond absurd!

For you guys who like “color”- ordered dishes included veal parmigiana, margherita pizza, chicken scarpiello, baked clams oreganata, calamaria fritti and vitello alla marsala- and I’m telling you that not one dish was even half way decent. The sauces were as bland as could be and the veal had the consistency of shoe leather! Service- virtually non-existent with some high school kid playing waitress. Prices- a drop on the high side- but nothing to get hysterical about! And finally to put icing on the cake- a noise level- loud beyond belief, helped in part- by a guy running around from table to table playing an accordion!


Like I said a few seconds ago, what I might like, you might hate…

Trattoria Nonna is open 7 days a week 11am-10pm.

You can check menu/prices at

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  1. Helen W says...

    My husband and I ate there about 2 months ago and I have to agree with you 110 percent, lousy food, lousy service and the noise level was horrendous. To make matters even worse, the night we were there they had a guy playing the accordin adding to the noise level.

  2. One of the owners is the former wife of the owner of Renzo’s which was for years a terrific restaurant in Boca Raton. Her partner is her son in law who I believe worked at Renzo’s.

    Right out of the gate Trattoria Nonna had a huge following. The Renzo’s connection is probably why.

    My wife and I ate there a few weeks ago and this restaurant is an absolute disaster. First of all, the noise level in the restaurant beyond belief. Literally you can’t hear yourself talking. As for the food, not very good. When we ate there I had the veal parm and my wife had chicken scarp on the bone. The chicken was decent enough but the veal parm was as Jeff said eating shoe leather. It was in a sauce that literally had no taste.

    the recommendation here is to not bother with Trattoria Nonna as there are so many better Italian restaurants in the area.

  3. Lou The Plumber says...

    If you want to get a migraine headache eating in a restaurant, eat at Trattoria Nonna. The noise level is mind boggling.

  4. Angie Giordano says...

    My husband and I ate dinner at TN last week. The owners’ connection with Renzo’s was the main reason for us trying the restaurant. What a mess this place is. First of all it is so noisey that you can’t hear yourself think. As for the food, definitely one of the worst veal parm I’ve had during the 30 years we’ve lived in Florida. The veal was tough and the sauce tasted like watered down ketchup. My husband’s veal marsala had the same tough veal and a sauce which literally had no taste. I could go on but I won’t. All I know is that we won’t be back for round 2.

  5. Ed Watson says...

    Ate there last night. Pork Chop I had was delicious as was my wife’s veal marsala. Noise level including the accordion player ruined a decent enough meal.

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