Shea Stadium Concession Prices 1967

Posted on September 7th, 2018 · Music/Events/Other Pizza

* Shea Stadium Concession Prices 1967.

Am I the only one around here who remembers 15 cent pizza slices? How about Cleon Jones?

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  1. Hal W says...

    I remember both. I also remember 15 cent NYC Subway tokens and 5 cent small fountain cokes.

  2. Gary Goldberg says...

    I remember 15 cents a slice. I also remember Cleon Jones in the outfield. I also remember 10 cents a scoop for Italian ices.

  3. Andy Gold says...

    I remember 15 cent pizza.

  4. Fred L says...

    I remember stick pretzels being 2 cents each, 3 for a nickel.

  5. Ed K says...

    I remember 15 cent pizza. I also remember the 5 cent Small fountain Coke that I ordered with the slice.

  6. Rudy Stevenson says...

    By 1967 a slice in my Queens neighborhood was fetching 20 cents.

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