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The Music Of Cream: 50th Anniversary Tour (Parker Playhouse- Fort Lauderdale)

Posted on September 6th, 2018 · American Fast Food Fort Lauderdale Music/Events/Other

* The Music Of Cream: 50th Anniversary Tour.

This “one” was just announced…

Who booked this show- P.T. Barnum? I know Barnum never said it- but the phrase “There’s a sucker born every minute” definitly applies here…

Take a look at the musician lineup for the show!

If you must…

The Skinny:

The Music Of Cream: 50th Anniversary Tour

Friday, April, 12th, 2019 (8pm)

Parker Playhouse
707 Northeast 8th Street
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304
Box Office: 954.462.0222


Fifty years since their earth-shaking debut album, the bloodlines of that hallowed trilogy of Ginger Baker, Jack Bruce, and Eric Clapton come together to pay tribute to Cream’s legendary four-album reign over the psychedelic frontier of the late 1960s.

Kofi BAKER (son of Ginger) and Malcolm BRUCE (son of Jack) unite with Will Johns (Eric’s Nephew* and son of Zeppelin/ Stones/ Hendrix engineer Andy) to unleash the lightning that electrified a generation. Feel the fire and the freedom of “Spoonful”, “Strange Brew”, “Sunshine of Your Love”, “White Room”, “Crossroads” and “Badge”. Listen to the stories and see them interplay with their mentors on the big screen. Master musicians whose lives have been steeped in the Cream spirit, celebrating an extraordinary legacy. Don’t miss this once-In-a-lifetime concert salute to the most innovative and explosive supergroup of all time, in the hands of those that knew them best.

10 Comments to “The Music Of Cream: 50th Anniversary Tour (Parker Playhouse- Fort Lauderdale)”

  1. mark says...

    Might be a good show read some reviews online and they all liked the show.

  2. Andy Gold says...

    Nephew of Eric Clapton, bs- his mother’s sister was once married to Clapton, so no bloodline there.

  3. Ted N says...

    Just another tribute band.

    I love how they make like one of the guys “is” Clapton’s nephew.

  4. Paul Rheingold says...

    Just a tribute act.
    That Clapton pedigree as fake as they come.

  5. Steve Rosen says...

    What is Will Johns’ so called bloodline to Eric Clapton? There is none.
    Just a tribute band.
    Not expecting too many people to buy into this con.

  6. Ginger Baker never even bothered with this Son. Just a son trying to cash in on a famous father’s name.

  7. TURNER says...

    Just a tribute act trying to make a buck.

  8. Andy Gold says...

    3 guys trying to make a buck because of their last names and a marriage. Should be playing local bars for 300-400 bucks a night. The Parker Playhouse will have to sell most of its tickets on to sell this show out.

  9. Lo Lo says...

    One of the greatest Rock bands of all time and you get three guys who don’t even come close to the real deal.

  10. Ronald E says...

    I bought 2 tkts.
    Loved Cream.
    Going to give these guys a shot.

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