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Barnum’s Animal Crackers

Posted on August 21st, 2018 · Desserts Fast Food Music/Events/Other

* Barnum’s Animal Crackers.

New packaging came out this morning- no more cages for the animals!

Next thing you know “they”-will be telling us no more plastic drinking straws!

6 Comments to “Barnum’s Animal Crackers”

  1. Lo Lo says...

    Right on the money.
    Special interest groups are wrecking American culture.

  2. Joe Kennedy says...

    You wanna be next to a lion which isn’t in a cage?
    I know, I don’t.

  3. Ellen G says...

    You guys remember when that jackass Mayor Bloomberg tried to pass in NYC a law that limited the size of cups so you wouldn’t drink so much soda?
    There are so many lunatics running around this country that it’s scary.

    • Scotty says...

      Ellen, thank G-d the courts struck down this ridiculous edict from a hypocritical fool…
      The nanny state suffered a blow when the New York Court of Appeals ruled against former New York City Mayor Bloomberg’s ban on large sodas, according to the Associated Press.
      The appeals court ruling upheld the rulings of two lower courts. In the opinion, Judge Eugene F. Pigott Jr. wrote that the Board of Health “exceeded the scope of its regulatory authority” when it tried to ban the sale of sugary drinks over 16 ounces, according to The New York Times. The ban, championed by Bloomberg, was challenged by groups with a vested interest in selling large sodas, including restaurants, theaters, and beverage companies.
      The ruling is a blow to health advocates, who point out that sugary drinks help fuel obesity. Businesses, on the other hand, will be pleased, since this is likely the last they’ll hear of the ban. Anti-nanny state conservatives were also rooting for the ban to stay overturned — the National Review argued earlier this month that this was an instance of bureaucrats “usurping the role of the legislature.” Last week, when Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings was asked if he’d ever ban large sodas in that city, he said “it’d take an act of God.”
      Can’t loomberg just go away or move to Venezuela where he can enjoy the “Socialists Paradise”.

  4. Gary Goldberg says...

    The Founding Fathers didn’t want Big Brother Government watching your every move and telling you how to live your Life. But guess what, Big Brother is here.

  5. Carl Furillo says...

    The next thing you know they will be telling us that the step sisters in Cinderella were just people with problems and were actually nice girls.

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