Real Fast- Tell Me The Name Of Hillary Clinton’s VP Running Mate!

Posted on July 1st, 2018 · American Music/Events/Other

* Real Fast- Tell Me The Name Of Hillary Clinton’s VP Running Mate!

Here…I’ll help you!

Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine

With July 4th, 2018 rapidly approaching- do you guys honestly think that 242 years ago this guy could have sat around the table with Washington, Jefferson and Adams-and figured things out for us? If you think-yes, you’re only fooling yourselves because 2 seconds ago you didn’t even remember his name?

For you guys who don’t like Trump and Pence, all I can tell you is that you did it all to yourselves!

For you guys who like Trump and Pence, all I can tell you is that you lucked out beyond belief when Hillary Clinton got that nomination!

Just a July 4th holiday unsolicited Jeff Eats’ political pontification!🧐

17 Comments to “Real Fast- Tell Me The Name Of Hillary Clinton’s VP Running Mate!”

  1. TURNER says...

    Right on the money.
    This guy is a loser.
    Clinton did Obama a favor by picking him.
    He has no credentials and having him a heartbeat away from the presidency was inconceivable.
    Clinton was a terrible candidate. Any other well known Democrat would have creamed Trump.

  2. Andy Gold says...

    How in the world did she pick that loser?

  3. Hank G says...

    Just think that guy could have been VP. The Dems are in big trouble if that’s the best they could come up with.

  4. Scotty says...

    Hillary and Bill are evil! If she really wanted to win, the witch would have begged barack hussain obama to be her VP.

  5. Joey Dennis says...

    For the life of me I couldn’t remember the guy’s name.
    An absolute nobody was given the #2 slot on the ticket.
    Just imagine that clown as President!
    Clinton ran the worse campaign ever.

  6. Fred F says...

    I can’t imagine this guy sitting as one of the Founding Fathers.
    Boy was Clinton a dope.
    Sort of like when McCain picked Palin.

  7. Jeff,
    If Trump was smoother he would be an amazing President.
    He knows what he is doing, but the delivery of the message is a bit rough.
    When N Korea signs the deal, all of the DEMS are going to faint.

  8. Joe Cooperman says...

    How Trump beat here is beyond me?
    This guy may have been one of the reasons. A completely forgettable candidate.

  9. Joe Gold says...

    What’s Michael Cohen going to tell prosecutors about Trump other than builder Trump paid off every NYC politician, union boss and building inspector to get his projects approved and completed?

    • Jeff H says...

      Cohen graduated from the Thomas M Cooley School of Law in 1991.

      Go Google the school.

      The school is a bullshit law school.

      Cohen is a moron. He was a bag man for Trump’s pay offs. Real lawyers don’t do illegal crap like this.

      Just ask yourselves, why would Trump have a lawyer like Cohen? The reason, Cohen’s a freaking moron.

      If Cohen has anything on Trump, he’ll roll.

  10. MS says...

    Agree 1000000%

  11. Anthony Franza says...

    You hit the nail on the head, an absolute forgettable nobody. An absolute loser for a running mate.

  12. Skip Martin says...

    Hillary Clinton sold herself to the American people as a steady hand on the rudder amidst the Trump tumult, but she also needed to ride the tide of change to some degree. Tim Kaine didn’t help her do that. He was just another rock on the shore.

  13. Gary Goldberg says...

    You are so right.
    I couldn’t recall the dude’s name.
    Boy oh boy, he sure left an imprint on me, not!

  14. Jane Kennedy says...

    Put me down, I couldn’t recall his name.
    Some ticket, a crook and a no name. Great way to win an election.

  15. Fred R says...

    Clinton couldn’t even pick a decent VP candidate.

  16. James M says...

    Kissinger is now 94 years old.

    Recently, Henry Kissinger did an interview and said very amazing things regarding President Trump. He starts with: Donald Trump is a phenomenon that foreign countries haven’t seen before !

    The former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger gives us a new understanding of President Donald Trump’s foreign policy and predicts its success: Liberals and all those who favor (Hillary) Clinton will never admit it. They will never admit that he is the one true leader. The man is doing changes like never before and does all of it for the sake of this nation’s people. After eight years of tyranny, we finally see a difference.
    Kissinger knows it and he continues with: Every country now has to consider two things: One, their perception that the previous president, or the outgoing president, basically withdrew America from international politics, so that they had to make their own assessments of their necessities. And secondly, that there is a new president who’s asking a lot of unfamiliar questions. And because of the combination of the partial vacuum and the new questions, one could imagine that something remarkable and new emerges out of it.
    Then Kissinger puts it bluntly: Trump puts America and its people first. This is why people love him and this is why he will remain in charge for so long. There is not a single thing wrong with him and people need to open their eyes. When he boasts that he has a bigger red button than Kim Jung Un does, he so transcends the mealy-mouthed rhetoric of the past, thereby forcing a new recognition of American power.
    Kissinger once wrote: The weak grow strong by effrontery “The strong grow weak through inhibition! No sentence better captures the U.S.-North Korea relationship.
    Trump is discarding the inhibitions and calling the bluff on North Korea’s effrontery: His point is that the contrast of American retreat under Obama and its new assertion of power under Trump creates a new dynamic that every one of our allies and of our enemies must consider. Our allies grew complaisant with Obama’s passivity and now are fearful due to Trump’s activism. And they must balance the two in developing their policies: They realize that the old assumptions, catalyzed by Bush 43’s preoccupation with Iraq and Obama’s refusal to lead are obsolete. So, Trump is forcing a new calculus with a new power behind American interests. Those here and abroad who rode the old apple cart worry about its being toppled.
    But, as Kissinger so boldly stated: Trump is the one true leader in world affairs and he is forcing policy changes that put America first!

    This is the most accurate statement of what the American Citizens who live outside of the swamp want and expect from their government.

    I like the list of 13 things that I, as a senior American citizen, want. Trump is at least talking about issues that most Americans are concerned about. My mantra about Trump is this: Truthfully, We are in agreement with most of what he says. We are getting older and our tickers aren’t what they used to be, but what matters is that he covers most of the 13 things we as seniors want, at least I do for sure

    1. Hillary: held accountable for her previous wrongs!

    2. Put “GOD” back in America!

    3. Borders: Closed or tightly guarded!

    4. Congress: On the same retirement & healthcare plans as everybody else.

    5. Congress: Obey its own laws NOW!

    6. Language: English only!

    7. Culture: Constitution and the Bill of Rights!

    8. Drug-Free: Mandatory Drug Screening before & during Welfare!

    9. Freebies: NONE to Non-Citizens!

    10. Budget: Balance the damn thing!

    11. Foreign Countries: Stop giving them our money! Charge them for our help! We need it here.

    12. Term limits for congress

    And most of all.

    13. “RESPECT OUR MILITARY AND OUR FLAG!” And our police

    We the people are coming!

    Only 86% will send this on.

    Should be 100%

    What will you do? I ADDED 14. DRAIN THE DAMN SWAMP!!!!!

    Please send it on; if only to on

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