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The Kelsey Theater Presents BLUES BEATLES with special guest Scott Benge of McCartney Mania (The Kelsey Theater- Lake Park)

Posted on June 21st, 2018 · American Fast Food Lake Park Music/Events/Other

This article first appeared on 6/12/18= just checked The Kelsey Theater box-office ( and there are a handful of real good tickets left for tonight’s (Thursday, 6/21/18) Blues Beatles’ show. Just between you guys and Jeff Eats, the more times I played the Blues Beatles’ YouTube videos, the more convinced I became that these guys are really a very special act. Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats will be there…

Posted on June 12th, 2018

* The Kelsey Theater Presents BLUES BEATLES with special guest Scott Benge of McCartney Mania.

Just heard about this show…

Just heard about the Blues Beatles, same for Scott Benge- checked out their respective websites (, watched some of their YouTube videos and both acts blew me away!

The bet here- if you’re into The Beatles- the Blues Beatles with special guest Scott Benge is gonna be an absolutely off the chart dynamite- show!

Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats are definitely going…

You can catch tickets at

Blues Beatles started during the breaks of the rehearsals of Today – an original band that Marcos Viana, Flavio Naves, Fred Barley, Bruno Falcão and Lancaster Ferreira started in 2010. Marcos, the singer, would invariably pick up his acoustic guitar and start playing Beatles songs. The other members of the band were amazed at how natural the songs sounded, as if he had written them himself. Being blues players the rest of the band started adding their blues twist to these “break songs”. One day Lancaster said: “Why don’t we mix these two things we love to play? We could call this Blues Beatles!” Everyone loved the idea and together they started the Blues Beatles in 2013.
The first version of the Beatles songs that caught people’s attention was Ticket To Ride. The video has now more than twelve million views on Facebook. The band has worked and reworked many different songs since it was formed, but only the ones that sound natural to their ears stay in the repertoire. The arrangements combine blues and soul grooves that suit the vocals of the songs while adding a different feel to them. Instrumental solos and improvisation, typical elements of the blues, are an integral part of the Blues Beatles style. Their fiery live performances showcase their individual and collective skills as soloists.
Be on the LOOKOUT for Blues Beatles coming to a town near you in Fall of 2017/Spring of 2018.

9 Comments to “The Kelsey Theater Presents BLUES BEATLES with special guest Scott Benge of McCartney Mania (The Kelsey Theater- Lake Park)”

  1. Gary Goldberg says...

    Watched them on YouTube and they are amazing.

  2. Smythe says...

    I’m going to see them at the Kelsey Theater.

  3. Arthur R says...

    I looked at their website. I also looked at their YouTube videos and really enjoyed what they do with The Beatles’ songs. I’m also going to see them at The Kelsey Theater.

  4. Julian Sanders says...

    Watched some videos.
    What they are doing is messing up the music of two of the greatest song writers of all time. Every song they played around has a sax and organ messing up a perfect song. Sorry, not for me.

  5. Roy Colby says...

    Band was terrific.
    Opening act was on way too long and was just fair.

  6. Tom Kennedy says...

    I have to agree with a Roy, Blues Beatles were great and the Opener was on way too long and not the best. I had never been to Kelsey and it’s a great venue for shows. Every seat was perfect and the staff is as pleasant as can be.

  7. Artie James says...

    Loved the venue. Really easy going and terrific staff of super pleasant people running the theather. Terrific room for a show and its setup so you have a perfect view from anywhere. As for this show, the Blues Beatles were terrific. The opening act was on for almost 1 hour and was playing Beatles songs. Too much Beatles if you get my drift.
    Fun evening but whoever picked that opening act bad move.

  8. Smythe says...

    Loved the Blues Beatles. Great show.

  9. Johnnie C says...

    The opening act wasn’t very good. Throw in that he was on way too long and it looked for awhile that a disaster was in the making. Luck for all that the B.B. were incredible and saved the night.

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