Greg Hahn (Boca Black Box- Boca Raton, Laugh In Comedy Cafe- Fort Myers)

Posted on May 25th, 2018 · American Boca Raton Deals Music/Events/Other

This story first appeared on May 14, 2018. I just checked the Boca Black Box Office ( and (discount tickets) and there are a handful of really good seats left for Greg Hahn’s tomorrow night (Saturday, May 26th) 8pm-Boca Black Box show. Trust Jeff Eats when I tell you-that Hahn’s standup act is off the chart funny and that you should-definitely make it your business to go see him! By the way, if I was a betting man, I’d bet that the show will be a SRO situation, so if you wanna go- it’s time to make your move on the ticket front! By the way, if the Boca Black Box date doesn’t work for you, Hahn is schedule to play the Laugh In Comedy Cafe in Fort Myers on Friday & Saturday (August 10th & 11th). You can catch tickets for those shows at

* Greg Hahn.

If you wanna see one of the most brilliantly- funny comedians currently working America’s comedy club/casino/resort/event circuit- then you gotta go see Greg Hahn!

Hahn’s just released Summer Tour schedule includes 2- Florida venues…

Greg Hahn

Saturday, 5/26/18 (8pm)
Boca Black Box
8221 Glades Road Suite #10,
Boca Raton, Florida 33434
Box Office: 483.9036
Tickets: check for discount tickets


Greg Hahn

Thursday 8/9/18 (7:30pm)
Friday 8/10/18 (7:30pm & 9:30pm)
Saturday 8/11/18 (7:30pm & 9:30pm)
Laugh In Comedy Cafe
8595 College Park #270
Fort Myers, Florida 33919
Box Office: (239) 479-5233


A favorite on the nationally syndicated Bob and Tom Radio Show. He has appeared on Late Night with Conan Obrien, Comedy Central, CBS, ABC, FOX, MTV and CMT. Greg Hahn has parlayed his absurdly energetic, all out style of physical humor, one liners and crowd work into a performance of immediate pandemonium and continuous laughs. His unique stylings have led to numerous television, corporate and theater appearances throughout the US and Canada. Greg was raised in South Florida where in high school he amused the Catholic nuns by poking holes in his pockets enabling pencils to shoot out of his pant leg. As a college basketball player, his enjoyment of half court shots earned him a sweet spot on the bench.As a Captain in the Marines Corps, Greg kept his men highly motivated and could not overemphasize that camouflage is continuous. While a buyer for Lockheed Corporation, he thought why make $200 a day, when I can be a comedian and make that in a week .After several serious jobs where he refused to be serious, Greg turned pro as a stand up comedian and landed a job as emcee for a theme park lumberjack show. This supplied him with four audiences a day, intoxicated ax swinging lumberjacks, and a log rolling dog. Soon afterwards, he worked as stuntman in the Wild Wild Wild West Stunt Show at Universal Studios. For $20 an hour, I would run out and get hit in the head with a stick, perfect! He continually honed his style of comedy then headed to New York City. While in New York, Greg developed into a touring headliner and costarred in the independent film Tomorrow Night which premiered at theSundance Film Festival. Then, after successful shows at the Montreal and Chicago Comedy Festivals, Greg enjoyed television appearances on Late Night with Conan OBrien (NBC), Premium Blend (Comedy Central), Make Me Laugh (5 episodes, Comedy Central), Louis CKs Pulp Comics (Comedy Central), 30 Seconds to Fame (Fox), Cedric the Entertainer Presents (Fox) and Star Search (CBS). When appearing on Star Search, Greg was spotted by Tom Griswold of the nationally syndicated Bob & Tom Radio Show. Greg has since established himself as a favorite guest on the show and starred on the Bob @ Tom Comedy Central Special. He also headlines the Friends of The Bob @ Tom Theater Tour, which included a stop at the Las Vegas Comedy Festival. A return appearance to the Montreal Comedy Festival along with the Halifax Comedy Festival and wild appearances on Country Music Televisions Comedy Stage, Comics Unleashed with Byron Allen and running for president on TOSH.O (Comedy Central) have added to Gregs popularity. Greg now lives in Los Angeles where he continues to infiltrate the TV and movie biz with the intention of buying a llama farm and a kitchen fish tank.

15 Comments to “Greg Hahn (Boca Black Box- Boca Raton, Laugh In Comedy Cafe- Fort Myers)”

  1. mark says...

    This guy is beyond funny he is great

  2. Ellen G says...

    I had never heard of Hahn until I read about him on After watching a handful of his videos on his site as well as You Tube I have to agree with you that he is hilarious. Just bought 2 tickets to see him live at the Boca Black Box on

  3. Jeff,
    Last year I saw Hahn’s standup act twice and he put on a great show. There is no doubt in mind that he is going to become huge in the business.

  4. Goldberg says...

    See you at the show.
    Bought 2 tickets.

  5. Bill Estes says...

    I watched his videos and the man is very funny.
    I sent his info to our country club’s entertainment director recommending that he be booked for our 2019 comedy club series.
    I am really looking forward to seeing him in August at the Laugh In Comedy Cafe in Fort Myers.
    Thanks for the heads up on this guy!!!

  6. Anthony Franza says...

    My wife and I are going to see him at the Hard Rock In Atlantic City in August.

  7. Gregory Hahn says...

    Thanks Jeffery!!!

    Greg Hahn

  8. Melvin G says...

    Four of us are going to see Hahn at the Boca Black Box. We checked his website and his videos were outrageously funny.

  9. Miriam Stewart says...

    Can’t wait to see him at the Boca Black Box.
    His videos are hysterical.

  10. KLEINMAN says...

    Picked up a pair for tomorrow night.
    Will you and Mrs. Jeff Eats be there?

    • JeffEats says...


      Yes, we’ll be there.

      Thanks for reading…

      Jeff Eats

  11. Goldberg says...

    Saw him this evening and he was hilarious. The opening act Bruce Smirnoff was also very funny.

  12. Brownie says...

    He is funny. The problem is that he moves his act along so fast that a lot of his material gets lost and the audience doesn’t hear it.

  13. Greg Hahn says...

    Hi Jeff,
    Thanks again for attending the show last night and making the effort to say hello, I enjoyed meeting you.
    Hope to see you again soon!
    Take care, Greg

    Greg Hahn

  14. John D says...

    My wife and I loved Hahn on Saturday night. The man put on an absolutely hysterical show. The SRO crowd was roaring from laughter all night. By the way, the opening act Bruce Smirnoff who we have seen twice before was also very funny.

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