Win A $50 Silver Pond Gift Card (Lauderdale Lakes)

Posted on April 17th, 2018 · Chinese Deals Lauderdale Lakes Music/Events/Other

This contest started on 4/13/18. This contest has a winner.

* Win A $50 Silver Pond Gift Card.

Jeff Eats got a $50 Silver Pond Gift Card to give to one of you guys!

The game- the first 35 “reader-comments” received – will be entered in a “blind hat pick”! You can submit as many comments as you’d like but- Please, only 1- reader comment – per day…play fair!

The $50 Gift Card is good at Silver Pond, 4285 North State Road 7, Lauderdale Lakes, Florida 33319, (954) 486-8885.


Posted on August 3rd, 2012

***** Silver Pond, 4285 North State Road 7, Lauderdale Lakes, Florida 33319, (954) 486-8885.

Back on December 13, 2006 Jeff Eats did a “story” on Silver Pond a Lauderdale Lakes Chinese joint…suffice it to say, I absolutely hated the food. Well! Almost 6-years have come and gone since that initial-review and during that time Jeff Eats-received numerous positive written and verbal comments about Silver Pond. Many who corresponded, insinuated that Jeff Eats was crazy and that Silver Pond was one of the best, if not THEE BEST Chinese restaurant in South Florida…I will tell you included in THEE BEST group was Brother Jeff Eats and Brother Jeff Eats’ wife, Sister-In-Law Jeff Eats. Now nothing for nothing, Jeff Eats is one tough-cookie…despite that “toughness” last night I finally gave-in and gave Silver Pond another try.

Applying my Brooklyn-Jewish-Chinese taste-test circa 1959…I “sampled” wonton soup, roast pork fried rice, bbq ribs, pan fried dumplings, sweet & sour chicken, sweet & sour pork chops, general tso’s chicken, lobster in garlic sauce, roast duck…

Here’s my “current” take on Silver Pond…the wonton-soup was good, but not great—the roast pork fried rice was good, but I’ve had better—the bbq ribs were delicious, right up there with best of breed—the pan fried dumplings were delicious—the sweet & sour chicken was very good—the sweet & sour pork chops were delicious—the general tso’s chicken wasn’t too good—the lobster in garlic sauce was delicious—the roast duck was delicious.

Would I go back? Absolutely! Can’t really give you an answer as to why my 2006 and 2012 “opinions” are so diametrically opposed. What I do know, is that when I ate there in 2006 the food stunk…I also know, that last night’s meal was very-very good. Go figure!

I think, actually I know that if you do a simple Silver Pond “search”—you will find numerous “comments”—that the joint has 2- menus, one in English and one in Chinese—that this is a “real” Hong Kong Style Chinese Restaurant—that this is an “authentic” Chinese restaurant not some Cantonese fast food joint—that the joint is always jammed with Chinese people eating there…for what it’s worth, Jeff Eats learned a long-long time ago that South Florida is loaded with balmalochas (for those who don’t know, balmalochas is the sarcastic yiddish term for “experts”)! For what it’s worth, most people (Jeff Eats included) don’t have a clue as to what good Hong Kong Chinese food is all about. Hell! I can’t even figure out how to use a pair of chopsticks. What I do know, is that my Brooklyn sensibilities tell-me, that I enjoyed almost every dish I had, the prices were “mom & pop” Chinese restaurant reasonable, there was a ton of food, the service was just fine, that I enjoyed eating with my family and that Brother Jeff Eats picked up the check!

In closing, Jeff Eats is really glad that he was “talked” into trying Silver Pond again.

Silver Pond is open Monday, Wednesday-Friday 11:30am-midnight, Saturday-Sunday noon-midnight, closed on Tuesday.


Posted on December 13th, 2006
Silver Pond
4285 North State Road 7
Lauderdale Lakes, Florida 33319
(954) 486-8885

I got a “project” for you.

I want you to “Google” Silver Pond which is a Chinese Restaurant located in Lauderdale Lakes, Florida. After you find some sites, read a handful of the “many-many” favorable reviews that this joint has gotten over the years. Please pay especially “close” attention, to the reviews that rate this as one of the best Chinese restaurants in South Florida and on “par” with restaurants in New York City’s Chinatown, blah, blah, blah. Then I want you to go and try this joint and report back to me, as to how you rate the food. End of project. By the way, Silver Pond is open every day for lunch and dinner, except on Tuesday.

Just so you know, I think that Silver Pond is one of the crappiest Chinese joints that I have ever eaten in. As for the numerous Chinese patrons who frequent this restaurant, they obviously don’t know #@$^ about what good Chinese food is all about.

Waiting to read the ” final results” of your project.

35 Comments to “Win A $50 Silver Pond Gift Card (Lauderdale Lakes)”

  1. Lo Lo says...

    Their food is terrific.

  2. R Garfinkel says...

    Choose me please!

  3. Carol says...


  4. David says...

    If you are going down that way, Hong Kong City is 0.9 miles closer to home for you…and there won’t be ANY debates whether it’s good or not…

  5. Miguel says...

    I have heard this place is good but it a long drive i hope i win so i have a reason to go

  6. MS says...

    NOT IN FL currently and not entering this contest … but this place sure as hell look super. Now I’m hungry.

  7. Andy Gold says...

    Silver Pond is good but Hong Kong BBQ in the same neighborhood is much better.

    Hong Kong City BBQ (Tamarac)
    Posted on May 16th, 2014 · BBQ Chinese Tamarac

    ***** Hong Kong City BBQ, 5301 North State Road 7, Tamarac, Florida 33319, (954) 777-3832.

    Got a real-good Chinese joint for you…Hong Kong City BBQ in Tamarac.

    The beautiful thing about Hong Kong City BBQ is that nobody in your car is gonna bitch about going there. The reason Jeff Eats says that, the joint has dim sum, Brooklyn-Jewish-American Chinese food circa 1957 and authentic Chinese food (whatever that is?).


    A party of 6-of us recently gave Hong Kong City BBQ a shot and I gotta tell you, the food was right on the money.

    Let me give you a fast run down of what was ordered…
    House Wonton Soup.
    Egg Drop Soup.
    Chicken Corn Soup.
    Pan Fried Pot Stickers.
    BBQ Roasted Honey Roasted Spareribs.
    BBQ Roasted 1/2 Duck.
    Shrimp Pan Fried Noodles.
    Roast Pork Fried Rice.
    Peking Pork Chops.
    Sweet & Sour Pork.
    Steam Whole Tilapia.
    Lobster Cantonese.

    Now, nothing for nothing–not one person in our party “didn’t find what to eat” and everyone agreed that the food was really good. The prices are “neighborhood” Chinese joint prices, the décor is neighborhood Chinese joint décor. Playing to its name–Hong King City BBQ (with the emphasis on BBQ) the joint has some bbq chickens/ducks/pigs hanging over the front counter–which gives the joint a nice New York City Chinatown Dump feel.

    You guys know that Jeff Eats really isn’t into doing “pecking orders”…that said, the House Wonton Soup, BBQ Honey Roasted Spareribs, Peking Pork Chops and Sweet & Sour Pork were at the top of my list. Like I said before, everything was really good, but the stuff I just mentioned–was really-really good.

    I’m just guessing here, but I’m thinking that some of you guys may want to know: Does Hong Kong City BBQ have any “Early Bird” deals? Yes “Virginia”-from 3pm-7pm- 7 days a week Hong Kong City BBQ has an Early Bird which gets you–soup/egg roll/white or fried rice/entrée.

    Let me wrap this one up,

    Jeff Eats really enjoyed Hong Kong City BBQ. Give this joint a shot- I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

    You can check menu/other stuff at

    Hong Kong City BBQ is open Monday-Friday 11am-11pm, Saturday-Sunday 10:30am-11pm.

    • Anthony Franza says...

      I agree, Silver Pond is good but Hong Kong BBQ is definitely better.

  8. Eric says...


  9. Scotty says...

    Best Chinese food in South Florida

  10. R Garfinkel says...

    Please choose me!

  11. mark says...

    i hope jeff picks me

  12. Dan L says...

    Its been a few years, time to go back!

  13. Leslie says...

    I really want to try this place!

  14. Alfred says...

    Sounds good

  15. R Garfinkel says...

    Would love to win!

  16. mark says...

    Chins up and pass the plate

  17. Leslie says...

    Trying again.

  18. Dan L says...

    Both places are good in their own way.

  19. Eric says...

    Round 2

  20. Joe Kennedy says...

    Their sweet & sour pork chops are delicious.

  21. Larry says...

    pick me

  22. Scotty says...

    Please pick me

  23. Scotty says...

    Love Silver Pond

  24. R Garfinkel says...

    I would love to win!

  25. mark says...

    i want this one

  26. Leslie says...

    One more attempt.

  27. David says...

    Yes Please

  28. Miguel says...

    Peking duck time

  29. Dan L says...

    Another try!

  30. Eric says...

    Great place.

  31. Alfred says...

    Sounds great

  32. Alfred says...

    Sounds wonderful

  33. Scotty says...

    Pick meeee

  34. R Garfinkel says...

    I sure would love to win!

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