The WannaBeatles (Boca Black Box- Boca Raton)

Posted on November 17th, 2017 · American Boca Raton Deals Music/Events/Other

This article first appeared on 10/23/17. Jeff Eats just checked the Boca Black Box- box office ( and (discount tickets) and there are a handful of tickets left for tonight’s show (Friday- 11/17/17). Trust Jeff Eats on this one, you Beatles’ fans- don’t want to miss these guys. THIS ISN’T YOUR EVERYDAY BEATLES TRIBUTE BAND!!

* The WannaBeatles.

Let me ask you guys something…

1. Which Beatles’ tribute band has been nominated for a Grammy Award (2012)?

2. Which Beatles’ tribute band has made an appearance on tv’s Huckabee show?

3. Which Beatles’ tribute band has a member who has won 2 Grammy Awards and 1 Emmy Award?

4. Which Beatles’ tribute band has a member who is a former member of the legendary Rock N Roll band- Sha Na Na?

5. Which Beatles’ tribute band has a member who as a member of Billy Vera and the Beaters played on the #1 1981 single ‘At This Moment’?

‘The answer to all 5 questions- The WannaBeatles!

Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats have seen the Nashville based- WannaBeatles and not even one band member wears a wig or speaks with a fake British accent…What you get- are four extremely-talented musicians in a fast paced interactive show- recreating The Beatles’ hits exactly as The Fab Four recorded them!

Trust Jeff Eats when I tell you that- The WannaBeatles are an absolute must see act!

The Skinny:

The WannaBeatles

Friday, November 17, 2017 (8pm)
Boca Black Box
8221 Glades Road, Boca Raton, Florida 33434
Box-Office: (561) 483- 9036
Tickets: (discount tickets)


When it comes to recreating the fun and excitement of the most popular band in music history, The WannaBeatles more than live up to their name.

This Grammy nominated tribute act use comedy, song, and audience participation to create a totally different kind of Beatles experience. The WannaBeatles, who have appeared on national television, will bring their multi-instrumental skills to Florida where they will re-create all your favorite Beatles songs and much more.

This year also marks the 50th anniversary of the release of “Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band” as well as 1967’s “Summer of Love.” The WannaBeatles will bring back memories with renditions classic hits from that magical musical time.

Come join the “Ultimate Beatles Tribute Band”. It’s going to be a happening!

9 Comments to “The WannaBeatles (Boca Black Box- Boca Raton)”

  1. Edgar Dempsey says...

    Picked up 4 on

  2. Joe Kramer says...

    I just bought 2.
    Their videos are terrific.

  3. Robin W says...

    I bought 4 tkts on goldstar.

  4. Kay says...

    I purchased 13 tickets.
    We are huge Beatles fans. I
    saw The WannaBeatles a few years ago in Boca and couldn’t believe how good they were. Can’t wait to see them again.

  5. Zed says...

    My wife and I saw The WannaBeatles last night at the Seminole Casino Coconut Creek and they were terrific,

  6. Louise Greenman says...

    Go see these guys.
    My husband and I were invited to a private event at the Seminole Coconut Creek Casino last Saturday and The WannaBeatles put on a great show.

  7. Manny D says...

    Ive seen a load of Beatles tribute bands and The WannaBeatles were the best. They don’t imitate The Beatles but they sure play like them. These guys are amazing musicians.

  8. Mary Ferraro says...

    My bf and I saw them last Saturday at the Seminole Casino in Coconut Creek and they were sensational. They definitely are the best Beatles’ tribute band that we’ve seen. They are very entertaining.

  9. Linda T says...

    Ive seen a load of Beatles’ tribute bands and The WannaBeatles put them all to shame. I saw them last night and they were simply amazing.

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