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The Bakery Walnut & Pistachio Muffins (Walmart Supercenter- Delray Beach)

Posted on October 20th, 2017 · American Breakfast Delray Beach Desserts Fast Food

***** The Bakery Walnut & Pistachio Muffins.

If you like pistachio muffins-the bet here is that you’re really going to like Walmart’s “house brand” The Bakery Walnut & Pistachio Muffins!

Real short story for you guys…

Yesterday, the pictured package cost Jeff Eats $3.98 at- the Walmart Supercenter, 16205 South Military Trail, Delray Beach, Florida 33484- and I gotta tell you guys, these walnut & pistachio muffins were delicious.

So- if your tastebuds work like Jeff Eats’ tastebuds do- you definitely should think about buying these muffins!

You can check for store locations/product info.

One final thought, if you’re allergic to walnuts or pistachios or for that matter- both, forget everything that I just told you about buying-eating The Bakery Walnut & Pistachio Muffins!

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