Comedian- Preacher Lawson

Posted on September 27th, 2017 · Music/Events/Other

* Comedian- Preacher Lawson.

A recent e-mail received by Jeff Eats…


From past columns I know that you follow NBC’s America’s Got Talent show!
What do you think of comedian Preacher Lawson who was a finalist this year on Season 12 America’s Got Talent?

Andy Gold


Andy Gold,

Jeff Eats is thinking that while growing up, Preacher Lawson watched a ton of Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy stand-up videos!

Jeff Eats enjoyed Preacher Lawson’s AGT appearances, that said, Ive seen “his” act many times before, if you get my drift?

Jeff Eats wishes Preacher well, but I wouldn’t bet the farm- that the AGT judges’ superstar predictions for him are in the cards!

(Does Preacher’s picture remind you of someone you know?)

Thanks for reading,

Jeff Eats

4 Comments to “Comedian- Preacher Lawson”

  1. Boca Joel says...

    Right on the money on this one.
    In addition to the Eddie Murphy rip-off, the guy talks way too fast and is almost impossible to understand what he is saying.
    He’s got his shot, maybe a few gigs but that’s it for him.

  2. Arnold Stang says...

    The judges got carried away with their praise.

    Preacher is an Eddie Murphy copy. He talks way to fast and is hard to follow. He got some PR from AGT but he won’t be big.

  3. Lou Costello says...

    Eddie Murphy it is.
    The guy is a copy.

  4. Stephen F says...

    He’s much better than you think he is.

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