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What Are Your Favorite Florida Fast Food Burger Joints?

Posted on August 30th, 2017 · American Fast Food Music/Events/Other

Posted on August 28, 2017.

* What Are Your Favorite Florida Fast Food Burger Joints?

Operative words here “Fast Food”…

Fire away!

32 Comments to “What Are Your Favorite Florida Fast Food Burger Joints?”

  1. Lo Lo says...

    Hands down, Charm City in Deerfield Beach.

  2. Calvin Holmes says...

    In order of preference.

    Five Guys
    Shake Shack

  3. Jerry Lane says...

    Taking price etc into consideration Burger King is still my go to fast food burger joint.

  4. Zed says...

    Any place but McDonald’s.
    They serve the worst crap.

  5. Steven G says...

    Burger Monger in Tampa.

    Also a huge fan of Five Guys.

  6. Murray Strauss says...

    Zed – that’s your opinion but then again opinions are like ass holes, everyone has one. In your case maybe two.

    • Larry says...

      Actually, it’s “Opinions are like assholes; Everyone’s got one and thinks everyone else’s stinks.”

  7. Fred Frumpkin says...

    Relish and More.
    They have a Boca Raton and a West Palm Beach location.
    Relish Burger Bar (West Palm Beach)
    Posted on September 26th, 2010 · American Fast Food West Palm Beach

    ***** Relish Burger Bar, 401 Northwood Road, West Palm Beach, Florida 33407, (561) 629-5377.

    Got a big-time winner for you guys… Relish Burger, an upscale/fast food/order at-pickup at counter burger joint—in West Palm Beach. Not really too much to say about Relish, other than it makes absolutely delicious burgers, fries, wings, shakes,— has something like 1,000,000,000 burger toppings—and has turkey, buffalo, tuna, mahi mahi, veal, crab, lobster, shrimp- burgers for the folks who gotta be “fancy”…You can check this joint’s website for menu/prices.

    A recent outing had me doing…cheeseburger with sauteed onions ($6.28), french fries ($2.49), raspberry bbq grilled chicken wings (6-$5.59), chocolate truffle shake ($4.69)…no fooling around here—this is about as good as it gets in fast-food land.

    Like I said before…Relish is a winner.

    Relish Burger is open 7 days a week 11am-10pm.

  8. Joe Kennedy says...

    Habit Burger makes delicious burgers.
    I live in Delray Beach and love its Linton location.
    It’s a relatively new chain in Florida.
    Try it, you won’t be disappointed.

  9. Larry says...

    Charm City Burger & Habit Burger do it for me.

  10. Donny W says...

    Charm City in Deerfield Beach.

  11. I love the burgers at Bobby’s Burger Palace, 7535 North Kendall Drive, Miami, Florida 33156, (305) 667-4817.

  12. Arnold Stang says...

    Tasty’s Fresh Burgers & Fries, 710 Centre Street, Fernandina Beach, Florida 32034, (904) 321-0409.

  13. Cindy says...

    +1 Habit Burger
    +1 Shake Shack

  14. Ed Krause says...

    Habit Burger
    Shake Shack
    Five Guys

    In a pinch BurgerFi but I like the first 3 listed much better.

  15. Glenn Giancarlo says...

    Call me a wild and crazy guy but my favorite is Sonic.

  16. If you’ve eaten a Culver’s burger you know it’s an off the wall delicious burger. There are a load of Culver’s in Florida,

  17. Red Rob says...

    Cheeseburger Baby in Miami.

  18. Phil Lefkowitz says...



  19. Violet D says...

    Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers are sensational.

  20. I love Burger King, then Wendy’s, then 5 Guys, then BurgerFi, then Shake Shack.

    These are my top 5.

  21. Jon G says...

    Flanagan’s many locations in South Florida. 10oz
    Burger cooked the way you like it with a loaded baked potato for $5.99 during lunch special Monday thru Friday from 11am to 4pm is an absolutely delicious burger. Puts all those place like Five Guys and BurgerFi where you can only get a well done burger away!

    • Ken Feldman says...

      Jon G,

      Flanigan’s isn’t a fast food hamburger joint.

      • EJon G says...

        There aren’t any good fast food joints!

      • Jon G says...

        Oh sorry! There aren’t any good fast food joints.

  22. Steinberg says...

    5 Guys is my favorite.
    Habit Burger is a close second.

  23. Steinberg says...

    The Burger Freak has terrific burgers.
    It recently moved.
    Try this joint, you’ll love it.

  24. Bob T says...

    Charm City in Deerfield Beach is my go to burger joint.

  25. Joe Kennedy says...

    Larry, Curly Burgers & Moe, 28838 South Dixie Highway, Homestead, Florida 33033, (786) 504-8768.

    Absolutely phenomenal burgers!

  26. Keith J says...

    I love Sonic.
    The best way to describe the chain is a Burger King & Dairy Queen combo on steroids.

  27. Chowfather says...

    Shake Shack and not even close.

  28. Sammie G says...

    I love Shake Shack.

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