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Arctic Zero (Publix, Winn-Dixie, Walmart, Whole Foods)

Posted on July 31st, 2017 · American Desserts Fast Food

* Arctic Zero.

In recent days several of Mrs. Jeff Eats’ girlfriends have mentioned to her how delicious low calorie- Arctic Zero frozen desserts are.

After you read this story- you’ll know as much as Jeff Eats does- about Arctic Zero frozen desserts.

By the way, based on Jeff Eats’ cursory review of Arctic Zero’s website ( you guys may want to checkout Arctic Zero’s product lineup- which is currently being carried ($5-$6- per pint) in Florida at Walmart, Winn Dixie, Publix and Whole Foods.


Chocolate Peanut Butter
Some flavors are just meant to be together. Our Chocolate Peanut Butter combines everything you love – without all the fat and calories. It’s the perfect guiltless pleasure whenever your sweet tooth strikes.


ARCTIC ZERO is the pioneer of Fit Frozen Desserts without all the fat or calories. Handcrafted from premium ingredients, ARCTIC ZERO is low glycemic, lactose free, gluten free (most flavors), GMO free and kosher. It’s the perfect zero-guilt pleasure whenever your sweet tooth strikes.

What is the inspiration behind ARCTIC ZERO?
Our founder, Greg Holtman, created ARCTIC ZERO for his mother– a Type 1 diabetic, because he believes that everyone should be able to enjoy delicious frozen desserts without any worries. Greg and his family have always loved sweets, especially ice cream, but most desserts (at the time) contained artificial sweeteners and ingredients.

Unwilling to compromise between indulging his sweet tooth and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, Greg set out to craft a functional, yet indulgent, dessert with premium ingredients. After years of recipe tinkering, ARCTIC ZERO was born – a line of Fit Frozen Desserts with zero compromise.

Where is ARCTIC ZERO based?
ARCTIC ZERO is headquartered in sunny San Diego.

Where can I find ARCTIC ZERO?
ARCTIC ZERO is available at stores nationwide! To find a store near you that carries our Fit Frozen Desserts, please check our store locator.

I can’t find ARCTIC ZERO or my favorite flavors at my local store! What can I do?
While we’re making our way into more and more stores across the country, you can help! By requesting our Fit Frozen Desserts at your local store, you can help bring ARCTIC ZERO to shelves faster. Please print and fill out our product request form, and deliver it to your local store manager to help spread the word!

Is ARCTIC ZERO available outside of the United States?
While we hope to share ARCTIC ZERO with fans across the globe, we are currently only available in the United States.

Can I order ARCTIC ZERO online?
Yes! Please visit our online store to order your favorite Fit Frozen Desserts. Once your order is placed, we ship your ARCTIC ZERO overnight so it arrives on your doorstep ready to enjoy. All orders are processed and shipped within three to five business days. To check the status of your order, please reach out to us.

What is ARCTIC ZERO sweetened with? What is monk fruit?
To create ARCTIC ZERO’s subtle sweetness, we use a proprietary blend of monk fruit and organic cane sugar. You won’t find any artificial sweeteners here!

Monk fruit is a small melon that’s harvested from the subtropical hillsides of Asia and gets its name from the Buddhist monks who have been enjoying its health benefits for centuries. A natural sweetener that’s low glycemic and rich in antioxidants, the pulp of each monk fruit is roughly 150 times sweeter than sugar!

Where does the protein in your Fit Frozen Desserts come from?
To make our nutrition-packed Fit Frozen Desserts, we use the finest quality whey protein. Our whey protein comes from a GMO-free region where it is hormone free and ultra filtered to remove the lactose, a natural sugar found in milk. You’ll find 12 grams of protein in each Creamy Pint, 12 grams of protein in each Chunky Pint and 3 grams of protein in each Chocolate-Dipped Bar.

Where does the fiber in your Fit Frozen Desserts come from?
Our Fit Frozen Desserts are enriched with two GMO-free fiber ingredients. Chicory root, known for its prebiotic and blood-sugar-stabilizing properties, is a soluble fiber that comes from a native Mediterranean plant. Sugarcane fiber is an insoluble fiber and helps to aid in digestion. You’ll find 8 grams of fiber in each Creamy Pint, 12 grams of fiber in each Chunky Pint and 2 grams of fiber in each Chocolate-Dipped Bar.

What are the Weight Watchers SmartPoints values for Arctic Zero?
1 serving = 1 SmartPoint
1 pint = 6 SmartPoints
1 serving = 3 SmartPoints
1 pint = 13 SmartPoints
What are the natural flavors in ARCTIC ZERO made of?
Our plant-based natural flavors give each ARCTIC ZERO Fit Frozen Dessert their own unique, indulgent taste. You’ll never find any monosodium glutamate (MSG) or hydrolyzed vegetable protein (HVP) in our natural flavors.
How is ARCTIC ZERO so much lower in calories than ice cream?
Through a spirit of innovation and a commitment to the highest quality, our promise is to provide Fit Frozen Desserts to the world with zero compromise. While our Fit Frozen Desserts taste like ice cream, they are not made like ice cream, nor do they contain the same ingredients as ice cream. With our novel manufacturing process and blend of premium ingredients, we are able to make Fit Frozen Desserts with less fat, more fiber and fewer calories than traditional ice cream. ARCTIC ZERO is an original ice cream alternative that we’ve worked hard to create just for you!

Is ARCTIC ZERO lactose free? Dairy free?
Yes, ARCTIC ZERO is lactose free. We use the finest quality whey protein to craft our Fit Frozen Desserts, which is ultra filtered to remove the lactose, a natural sugar found in milk.

ARCTIC ZERO is not dairy free because one of the main ingredients in our Fit Frozen Desserts is whey protein, a protein naturally found in milk.

Is ARCTIC ZERO gluten free?
ARCTIC ZERO is certified gluten free by the Gluten Intolerance Group, except for our Cookie Dough Chip, Brownie Blast and Snickerdoodle Dandy Chunky Pints. To learn more, visit
All of our Fit Frozen Desserts are certified GMO free by Green Star. To learn more, visit
Is ARCTIC ZERO kosher?
Our Fit Frozen Desserts are dairy certified kosher by OK Kosher. To learn more, visit
Is ARCTIC ZERO safe for diabetics?
We find that most diabetics can enjoy ARCTIC ZERO as it’s made with a blend of organic cane sugar and monk fruit, a low-glycemic sweetener, and offers high protein and high fiber content. However, before enjoying our Fit Frozen Desserts, we recommend that you speak with you doctor about food and nutrition concerns.

Is ARCTIC ZERO nut free?
While the majority of our Fit Frozen Desserts are nut free, our Chocolate Peanut Butter Creamy Pint, Toasted Coconut Creamy Pint and Buttery Pecan Chunky Pint do contain nuts.
Our Chocolate-Dipped Bars, including our Vanilla Chocolate-Dipped Bars and Dark Chocolate Chocolate-Dipped Bars, do contain coconut oil in their dark chocolate coatings.
Is ARCTIC ZERO soy free?
Our Creamy Pints and Dipped bars are completely soy free. A few of our Chunky Pints contain soy: Cherry Chocolate Chunk and Rocky Road Trip.
*NOTE: We are currently in transition of replacing Dipped bars (with previous formulation, containing soy) on shelves with product that does not contain soy.
Is ARCTIC ZERO fat free?
Our Creamy Pints are fat free, but our Chunky Pints and Chocolate-Dipped Bars do contain low amounts of fat.
Is ARCTIC ZERO vegetarian? Vegan?
Our Fit Frozen Desserts are certified vegetarian by the American Vegetarian Association. To learn more, visit
ARCTIC ZERO is not vegan, however. This is because one of the main ingredients in our Fit Frozen Desserts is whey protein, a protein naturally found in milk, and therefore, a dairy derivative.

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  1. Carrie Kleidon says...

    Why is Publix, (The Villages FL store on Wedgewood), getting rid of Arctic Zero products?

    • Joe says...

      I live in WPB but travel to Tampa a fair amount of time. I used to buy a case of non-Dairy low sugar every week or so in Publix or out of desperation from Walmart. Same story… poof, the disappeared everywhere.

      Can’t even get on Amazon m of the time. Anyone know what the story is? I keep requesting… even via special order for multiple cases. Manager called back and told me they had to cancel. Smell like block booking and back room deals to hurt the little company with a better product.

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