Seinfeld Trivia With Comic Sheba Mason (Empire Stage- Fort Lauderdale)

Posted on June 12th, 2017 · American Deals Fort Lauderdale Music/Events/Other

* Seinfeld Trivia With Comic Sheba Mason.

Long story short, Jeff Eats just picked-up 2- $20 tickets on for $12.50 a piece!

The truth be told, Jeff Eats wasn’t a fan of the Seinfeld tv show- but Mrs. Jeff Eats was!

As the old Japanese saying goes- You gotta pick your battles wisely!

The Skinny:

Seinfeld Trivia With Comic Sheba Mason

Monday, June 26, 2017 ((8pm)
Empire Stage
1140 North Flagler Drive
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33304
Box Office: 954-678-1496
Discount Tickets:


The Emmy-winning hit sitcom Seinfeld, also known as “the show about nothing,” ruled the zeitgeist in the ’90s with its memorable bits and catch-phrases, and even launched the holiday Festivus, which is still celebrated today. Join stand-up comics Sheba Mason (daughter of Jackie) and David R. Gordon at the Empire Stage in Lauderdale for a trivia contest, complete with included wine and prizes, that’ll test your grasp of such topics as “double dipping,” “regifting,” “man hands,” “puffy shirts,” “shrinkage” and “sparing squares” and such characters as Newman, Art Vandelay, Uncle Leo, Puddy and the Soup Nazi — not that there’s anything wrong with that.

3 Comments to “Seinfeld Trivia With Comic Sheba Mason (Empire Stage- Fort Lauderdale)”

  1. Steve Robinson says...

    You are a wise man, learn to pick your battles.

  2. ksr says...

    Ive seen Sheba Mason ‘s standup act, not exactly in her father’s league. Have fun.

  3. Harry Holme says...

    You an Mrs.Eats will probably be the only people in the audience. Pretty lame show for a Monday night in the Summer, don’t you think?

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