So Called Experts A Dime A Dozen!

Posted on April 22nd, 2017 · American Music/Events/Other Stocks

This article originally appeared on August 14, 2014. Right now I’m watching CNN- and decided that right about now, would be a good time to “republish” the article!

* So Called Experts A Dime A Dozen!

You regular Jeff Eats’ readers know that my opinions are my opinions-plain and simple!

As I have told you countless times, what-Jeff Eats likes you might hate and vice versa.

This “opinion thing” applies to almost everything in life. Like-movies, tv shows, cars, women, men, food, sports, hotels, books, underwear, foot powder, shampoo, name it!


Last night around 6:30pm I was listening to the radio in my car. Don’t ask me why, but while driving I was searching the AM stations. For what it’s worth pretty slim pickings unless you want to hear about the Dolphins and the Dolphins and the Dolphins and the Heat and the Heat and the Marlins and the Marlins–but I did spend a few minutes listening to “some” financial program on 740AM or 710AM or 700somethingAM and caught a male-female team discussing the MARKET and STOCK PICKS…Now no fooling here, out of nowhere- the female part of the team-said…”When asked, Jesse James the criminal, the outlaw said that he robbed banks because that’s where the money was.” The male partner quickly corrected her saying that Willie Sutton had made the comment about banks having the money.


It got me to thinking, that if this female financial expert didn’t know Jesse James from Willie Sutton…what were the odds that she knew the difference between IBM and Costco or for that matter Lululemon?

The point… Just because someone claims to be an expert doesn’t make it so!


10 Comments to “So Called Experts A Dime A Dozen!”

  1. David L says...

    As Harry Houdini once said:

    “There’s a sucker born every minute!!!”

    • ZED says...

      As Abe Lincoln once said, “One if By Land two if by sea.”

      Jeff Eats is so on point.

  2. LODI says...

    Really scary as to how people pass themselves off as experts.
    Unlike most from day one you have said that Jeff Eats is merely your opinion.
    The critics on tv and newspapers are so full of themselves.
    Good story!!!

  3. TURNER says...

    I don’t know about you but AM stations barely come in on my car radio. You are right, sports and stupid stock shows is about it for offerings. Of course there are plenty of Spanish stations but No Habla Spanish.

    Just think about who is giving stock advice on the AM radio. These guys buy time and then talk away.

    Your story about the woman’s James comment is right on the mark. Anybody can claim to be an expert about anything. Too bad people actually think that these radio show people know what they are talking about. They are just trying to sell you their services.

  4. Joey Falcone says...

    Most of the folks who come on CNBC are clowns.
    They are just guessing like everyone else.
    When the market crashes or goes up, they are as shocked as the next guy.
    Can’t wait for Buffett to die and then all the scandals will come out as to what a crook he was and all of the inside info he traded on.
    Wall Street is a total scam. The play is to be the best scammer.

    • John Renzo says...

      Have to agree with you 100%, all of them are clowns.
      I also agree that Buffett is a crook.
      There is no doubt in my mind that he trades on inside info.
      The problem is that if he was taken down by the US government the financial markets would really be rattled.
      The guy is such a phony that it isn’t even funny.
      He plays the old grandfather character perfectly, but he is 100% bullshit.
      The great story that will come out is about how he was married to a lesbian wife, they never divorced, she lived with her girl friend and he lived with his girlfriend.
      The public doesn’t know that this guy wants you to lose most of your money when you die and not be able to pass it on to your family.
      The stories are going to fly when this clown leaves the scene.

      • Warren Buffett is a fake.
        He is a buddy of Obama so the government won’t investigate him.
        For sure he is one of the richest men in the world, but his inside trading will end up being his legacy when he dies.
        Mark my words when he dies and people are no longer afraid to talk you will hear stories as to how he rigged things.

  5. riderman says...

    great article.
    the so called experts are usually just salesmen who don’t know anything.

  6. Lo Lo says...

    Just look at every HOA Board in Florida and you can see that most people know dickshit about most things, but don’t even know that they don’t know.

  7. Anthony Franza says...

    Great article.
    I remember when it first ran.
    A long time ago I learned that smart people do and dumb people teach.

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