Go Full Circle!

Posted on April 7th, 2017 · Music/Events/Other

* Go Full Circle.

Must be pretty demoralizing to start with nothing, make it big and then have to close out your career sailing on a cruise ship being forced to eat breakfast and talk music with fat guys in red shirts!

Just an observation!

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  1. Tony Asher says...

    I recently did a cruise with The Beach Boys and over coffee I explained to Mike Love how the group could have done a better job on God Only Knows.

    • JeffEats says...

      Tony Asher (or whoever),

      And I’ll bet he actually listened.

      Thanks for reading…

      Jeff Eats


      Tony Asher
      Born May 2, 1939 (age 77)
      London, England
      Occupation Lyricist, jingle writer, copywriter
      Notable work Pet Sounds
      Years active 1960s–present
      Tony Asher (born May 2, 1939) is a British-American lyricist who co-wrote eight songs on the Beach Boys 1966 album Pet Sounds in conjunction with Brian Wilson, including “God Only Knows” and “Wouldn’t It Be Nice”. Asher, who formally helped translate Wilson’s ideas into words, had a significant influence on the album. In Asher’s own words, “The general tenor of the lyrics was often [Brian’s], however the actual choice of words was usually mine. I was really just his interpreter.”[1]

  2. Alvin Barone says...

    Last month I was on a cruise and one of the groups onboard was The Zombies. One morning I spent 1/2 hour explaining to their original lead singer Colin Blunstone how he should have sang lead on She’s Not There and he was very appreciative of my ideas😎🤡😎🤡😔😞

  3. Lou Adler says...

    If I was a famous singer Money or no money, seeing that red shirt picture would make me think twice about cruising.

  4. Anthony Franza says...

    It’s for the money, nothing else.

    The best things in life are free
    But you can give them to the birds and bees
    I want money
    That’s what I want
    That’s what I want
    That’s what I want
    Your love is such a thrill
    But your love won’t pay my bills
    I want money
    That’s what I want
    That’s what I want
    That’s what I want
    “Money don’t get everything it’s true
    What it don’t get, I can’t use
    I want…

  5. Al Greenbaum says...

    You really do have interesting perspectives on certain things.

    I can’t even imagine what it must be like for a Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame member like Dion to sit on a cruise ship for 5-7 days being pestered by every Boca Raton yenta for a picture and hearing about her 14 year old guitar playing grandson who plays better than Paul McCartney.

    The Dions of the world are either desperate for money or just sick in the head to take gigs like these cruises. In Dion’s case I’m positive that he’s just sick in the head, but for the majority of the artists I’m sure money is the issue.

  6. TURNER says...

    This themed cruising is big business. It’s just a way for the singers to make some extra money. I’ll bet some actually enjoy being around fans. Then again I’ll bet some just tolerate the fans. As I said, money and that’s the name of that tune.

  7. Ellen G says...

    Better on a beautiful ship than on the stage like Kings Point in Delray. That’s the way I see it.

  8. KLEINMAN says...

    The Fat guy in the red shirt sums up the whole themed cruising business.

  9. Gary Goldberg says...

    As usual right on the money.

  10. Joe Esposito says...

    Never quite thought of it the way you see it, but you make a valid point.

    Hey, these guys got to make a living, but I think that you are right they would rather not do this confined to a ship cruise thing.

  11. Calvin H says...

    The Fat Guy in the red shirt would scare the shit out of me.

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