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Doo Wop Mania (Township Center for Performing Arts- Coconut Creek)

This article first appeared on March 1, 2017. Jeff Eats just checked and there are a handful of tickets left for tomorrow night’s show. Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats are going- if you wanna go and don’t yet have tickets, time to get cracking!

Posted on March 1, 2017
* Doo Wop Mania.

Jeff Eats just picked-up 2-tickets…

Just so you guys know, before the show- Jeff Ears and Mrs. Jeff Eats are probably gonna catch a couple of slices at Pasquale & Son’s Pizza Company which is something like 5 minutes from the theater!

Posted on February 5th, 2010

***** Pasquale & Son’s Pizza Company, 5609 Coral Ridge Drive, Coral Springs, Florida 33076 (954) 510-0703.

Pasquale & Son’s is a “red sauce” Italian “order-at the counter/pickup-at-the-counter” joint. It is a very modern looking restaurant, with flat screen tvs with plenty of table and booth seating.

Before we go any further, the same guys who own Pasquale & Son’s have another joint, Pasquale’s Pizza & Subs, 10337, Royal Palm Boulevard, Coral Springs, Florida 33065 (954) 341-0707…same concept–menu–prices–hours–website.

Pasquale & Son’s is my kind of joint. Take a look at its website for menu/prices/photos—and you’ll get some idea of what I am yapping about. Straight-up…real casual, good stuff, reasonable prices.

The other night I did—chicken parm sub ($7.95), penne ala vodka ($12.95-comes with 4 garlic rolls and side salad), large plain pizza ($15.95), sicilian pizza ($18.95), calzone ($8.50 mozzarella & ricotta), stromboli ($8.50 mozzarella-pepperoni-sausage-peppers-onion) and I gotta tell you, the food is right on the money. Like I told you before, you are your “own” waiter/waitress (got to be politically correct here)…this is one-easy going-casual joint. I have to single that stromboli out for- special kudos, sorry- I didn’t order a large one for $18.50, it was really that good.

Pasquale & Son’s is open Sunday-Thursday 10am-11pm, Friday-Saturday 10am-midnight.

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