2017 Marketplace Music Fest- April & May (Delray Marketplace Amphitheater- Delray Beach)

Posted on March 16th, 2017 · Deals Delray Beach Music/Events/Other

* 2017 Marketplace Music Fest- April & May.

White Elephant shopping center once again tries to draw “people” who’ll spend some cash…

Whoever is booking “these” bands, Jeff Eats will bet you S100 that you can’t find 20 people at any one of these “concerts” who can name 3-top forty songs that Eric Clapton charted with!

Just maybe, one of these days- the powers to be running the Delray Marketplace will figure out “who” they want to draw and how to get them there!

Just in case you were wondering:

1970.10.17 After Midnight 18
1972.05.13 Layla 10
1974.07.13 I Shot The Sheriff 1
1974.11.02 Willie & The Hand Jive 26
1976.10.16 Hello Old Friend 24
1978.01.07 Lay Down Sally 3
1978.05.13 Wonderful Tonight 16
1978.10.14 Promises 9
1979.02.24 Watch Out For Lucy 40
1980.06.21 Tulsa Time 30
1981.02.28 I Can’t Stand It 10
1983.01.29 I’ve Got A Rock N Roll Heart 18
1985.03.09 Forever Man 26
1992.02.08 Tears In Heaven 2
1992.10.03 Layla (Unplugged) 12
1996.07.20 Change The World 5
1998.02.21 My Father’s Eyes 16

3 Comments to “2017 Marketplace Music Fest- April & May (Delray Marketplace Amphitheater- Delray Beach)”

  1. Roy Colby says...

    Delray Marketplace has been a disaster since it opened in March, 2013. The tenant mix is very weak, parking stinks and other than for a few restaurants and a movie complex the retail tenants have been sucking wind since day one.
    This free music series literally draws every old fart in Delray Beach who bring lawn chairs, watch the bands and then leave without doing any business in the retail shops.
    You are right, whoever is booking these bands has no clue as to what bands should be appearing to draw a different crowd who might actually spend money while there.

  2. Jeff, The Delray Marketplace is one of the most poorly conceived power centers that I have ever seen.
    Getting in and out of the center is a disaster.
    Finding a parking spot is a disaster.
    The Center itself has a piss poor tenant mix. A handful of restaurants and a movie/bowling complex combined with retail stores that nobody needs or cares about.
    The Amphitheater looks like something out of a middle school handbook. A real dump.
    As for music in the Amphitheater the bands selected are a mish mosh of local musicians ranging from very good to horrendous.
    The Amphitheater draws an older crowd who listed and then leave. They absolutely don’t support the retail stores as hoped.

    This Center is an absolute disaster.

  3. KITTY LITTER says...

    Most of the band that they have had sucked.
    Take a look at PWL listed on the flyer, bind boggling how anyone would hire these guys.

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