Firefall, Orleans and John Ford Coley (The Peabody- Daytona Beach)

Posted on March 4th, 2017 · Music/Events/Other

This article first appeared on 1/29/17- Jeff Eats just checked The Peabody’s box-office and there are only a handful of tickets left for tonight’s (Saturday, 3/4/17-7:30pm) show- trust me, Firefall, Orleans and Coley are 70’s Pop Rock at it’s best!

Posted January 29, 2017
* Firefall, Orleans and John Ford Coley.

This is an absolutely great lineup!

The Skinny:

Firefall, Orleans and John Ford Coley
The Peabody
600 Auditorium Boulevard
Daytona Beach, Florida
Saturday, March 4, 2017 (7:30pm)
Box Office: (386) 671-3460

About The Event
The year was 1976. It was our country’s bicentennial and patriotism was at an all-time high. Gas was 59 cents a gallon and one of the greatest feel-good movies of all time, “Rocky”, was on the silver screen. The lush guitars and gorgeous harmonies of “Still the One”, “You are the Woman” and “I’d Really Love to See You Tonight” poured out of every radio in the country. Don’t miss this one-night-only reunion of the original artists who took those records, and dozens more, to the top of the charts. A “first” for The Peabody!

6 Comments to “Firefall, Orleans and John Ford Coley (The Peabody- Daytona Beach)”

  1. Bob V says...

    I saw Firefall about 18 months ago and they were terrific. I also saw John Ford Coley a few months ago, same thing absolutely terrific.
    I saw Orleans at Boston’s awhile back just before lead singer Larry Hoppen passed away and they were also great.

    Daytona is a bit of a drive for me from Lake Worth, too bad this show isn’t closer to my home.

    To the folks in Daytona Beach, go see these bands. You will love them.

  2. Anthony Franza says...

    Recently saw Firefall and they were amazing.

  3. Larry Fleisher says...

    Great bands.
    We live in Aventura.
    Hopefully this lineup makes it down to our area.

  4. Dixie Normous says...

    I am long in Ft Lauderdale, any chance of them coming here?

  5. I got no idea who any of these guys are.

  6. Murray Strauss says...

    SAN … Great POP groups from the 70’s and early 80’s

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