2017 Marketplace Music Series- February & March (Delray Marketplace- Delray Beach)

Posted on February 9th, 2017 · American Deals Delray Beach Music/Events/Other

* 2017 Marketplace Music Series- February & March.

All you gotta do is bring yourself…

The Delray Marketplace is “praying” that you’ll buy-something before, during or after these “free” shows from its tenant stores!

Check for location/info.

4 Comments to “2017 Marketplace Music Series- February & March (Delray Marketplace- Delray Beach)”

  1. Joey Bells says...

    This center sucks.
    Entering and leaving is a driver’s nightmare.
    Parking is horrendous.
    The store mix sucks.
    Other than for the movies and a few restaurants there is absolutely no reason to go there.
    Who the hell needs another Jos. Banks Men’s Store?
    Plenty of vacancies.
    Loads of stores have already failed.
    The Amphitheater looks like a run down center you find in Tucson Arizona.

  2. Scott Mark says...

    Joey Bells, I couldn’t agree more with you. The only decent thing there is the Publix, they have there own parking, plus I go in the mornings. I’ve seen several bands play there. They aren’t all that good. You have to park in Miami to see a band play there

  3. Arnie B says...

    You got to give them a hand with their band selection.

    Wild Bill and Pee Wee bands are horrendous. Free or not free they stink.

    The folks running this center have a mess on their hands now to make matters worse they book bands that are lousy.

  4. This series draws a bunch of freeloaders who bring their beach chairs, watch the show and leave without spending one single dime.

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