Marian’s Bagels (Plantation)

Posted on December 30th, 2016 · American Breakfast Delicatessen Plantation

***** Marian’s Bagels, 248 South University Drive, Plantation, Florida 33324, (954)370-6975.

Got a real good bagel/deli joint for you guys to checkout- Marian’s Bagels in Plantation which has been in business for something like 40 years!

Real simple story to tell, yesterday Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats ate at Marian’s (for the first time) and really enjoyed the joint’s food, super pleasant service, reasonable prices, big portions and “dated” bagel joint decor! Hey!- I did tell you that this was a simple story, didn’t I?

You live near, you work near, you visit near – Marian’s Bagels’ neighborhood- you gotta give the joint a try!

For you Jimmy Olsens out there, if you make it to Marian’s- its delicious boiled/baked bagels aren’t “made” in house- but rather are delivered every day piping hot from a Delray Beach based bakery- whose name Jeff Eats will let you discover on your own!

Marion’s Bagels is open Monday-Saturday 7am-3pm, Sunday 7:30am-2:30pm.

You can check for menu/prices info.

3 Comments to “Marian’s Bagels (Plantation)”

  1. Donna G says...

    Great call here.
    I’ve eaten there for over 20 years and the food etc is terrific.
    About a year ago the business was sold to a guy named Dean and he has kept everything the same. The only improvement, Marian’s use to use only paper plates, paper cups and plastic utensils, Dean introduced real plates and silverware.

    By the way, never knew about the bagels. Next time I’m in there I’m going to ask about the Bakery you mentioned.

  2. Jack Whitman says...

    My wife and I were wondering when you’d get around to Marian’s? We’ve been eating there for over 10 years. The craziest thing, didn’t know about the bagels.

  3. Murray Strauss says...

    Found myself coming up University this past summer and stopped in.

    Solid bagels! Also sounds weird but nice size with just the right amount of crunchy verse soft inside.

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