Wood & Fire (Delray Beach)

Posted on November 14th, 2016 · Delray Beach Italian Pizza


***** Wood & Fire, 5199 West Atlantic Avenue, Delray Beach, Florida 33484, (561) 332-2300.

Got an absolutely terrific Italian joint for you guys, Wood & Fire which opened in Delray Beach something like a month ago.

Yesterday afternoon, Jeff Eats, Mrs. Jeff Eats and another couple did a late lunch at Wood & Fire and no bs- the joint literally blew us away! Super modern “industrial warehouse” decor, indoor table seating, two outdoor patios (one covered), indoor and outdoor full liquor bar areas, tvs galore, dynamite food, extremely competent wait-staff, nice sized portions, reasonable prices!

Trust Jeff Eats when I tell you, some of the most delicious wood fired pizza, garlic bread, house salad (W & F Salad), pan seared salmon, meatballs, eggplant stromboli, fried calamari that Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats have had in a very long time!




You guys can do what you want with this- but I am telling you, Wood & Fire is going to be a gigantic “homerun” and is an absolute must try!




You can check menu/info at

Wood & Fire is open, Monday-Thursday 11am-10pm, Friday-Saturday 11am-11pm, Sunday noon-10pm.

25 Comments to “Wood & Fire (Delray Beach)”

  1. Look Here says...

    I liked the food. I like the decor. I don’t like the prices, off the chart too high.

  2. Zed says...

    The cheese pizza and meatballs and house salad were all very good..

  3. Goby Goby says...

    Pizza is very good.
    Nice modern decor.
    Menu prices need some work to the downside.

  4. Jeff Aaron says...

    We went last night and the plain cheese pizza and white pizza were delicious. The restaurant is gorgeous and last night at 7:30pm was jammed.
    Great recommendation.

  5. Eddie W says...

    Four of us ate there this evening, cheese pizza was excellent, grandma was lousy big time. Delicious meatballs. Delicious house salad. Prices way too high for quantity of food served.

  6. Gary Goldberg says...

    Sorry Jeff My wife and I found the food average at best and very expensive for what you get.

  7. ksr says...

    Food is good, service is good, dining area very noisy.
    Their prices are totally out of whack for the area. Way too expensive.. There is no way that they should be charging $16 for a small pizza and $17 for pasta dishes. When the newness wears off they will not see too many returning customers unless they get prices down.

    • Lou F says...

      I agree 100% that food is good and that prices don’t make sense.
      I ate there 2 nights ago with 5 others and everyone agreed that everything was priced too high.

  8. Karen F says...

    The pizza is average at best. Very expensive menu.

  9. Ed Daly says...

    Overpriced mediocre food.

  10. Nick Robinson says...

    Ate there last night. Won’t be going back. Food iwas lousy and the prices absurdly high.

  11. Eddie D Silver says...

    Great looking joint. Noise level out of control. Food okay but there is a lot better in Delray at cheaper prices. Won’t be seeing me again.

  12. TONY T says...

    Three of us ate there last night.
    We ordered a plain cheese pizza, a grandma pizza, a house salad, cheese garlic bread and mussels. All of the food was good except the grandma pizza which was totally lousy. The restaurant at 7pm was busy and inside it was very noisy. The waitress was good. As for prices, as others here have mentioned on the high side.

  13. John Dell says...

    Nice looking noisy restaurant. Pizza etc was good but nothing to go running back for especially because the prices were on the high side.

  14. Larry W says...

    Tried it this evening, passable food at expensive prices. See Ya.

  15. Carlo G says...

    Food just ok. Expensive for what you get. Won’t be back.

  16. Overpriced mediocre food.

  17. Andrew Gold says...

    Great looking place. Very noisy inside. Decent food. High prices. Good service.

  18. Skip Mahoney says...

    Sorry have to disagree but the food is just fair, prices are way too high, service is amateurish and the decor has a noise level that is out of control.

    • Louie G says...

      I’m with you, not a good place.

  19. Joel G says...

    Food is just average and very expensive.

  20. Daddy Long says...

    Overpriced just average food.

  21. Big Pants Lee says...

    Big miss here.
    Lousy overpriced pizza. Amateurish service.

  22. Sal Anthony Jr says...

    Food sucked. Overpriced. Service stunk.

  23. Joey A says...

    Very disappointed with this joint.
    Pizza was fair.
    Prices were too high.
    The noise level was defeaning.
    The service was good .

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